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Discover the 30 best beaches in Menorca, from the most popular to the most secret. In this list, you will discover all the coves you must visit during your stay in Menorca.

Best Menorca beaches and coves

Menorca is the first place to see the sunrise in Spain. It has been a biosphere and world heritage reserve for 25 years ago. And at the same time, one of the most preserved places on the Balearic islands.

You can access the best beaches of Menorca by car, although we recommend it if it is possible to go by motorcycle, bike or even better, boat to visit the remotest beaches.

Menorca Beaches, or coves, are cramped coastal areas where Menorcan people have been swimming for many years ago. They all keep one thing in common, their crystalline and turquoise waters, typical of the Menorca landscape.

Also, Menorca has some natural pools protected against big waves, built from the intense north wind called tramontana.

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Beaches in the north of Menorca are generally rocky, with small hills and cliffs without forest. On the other hand, beaches in the south used to have more forests, and the water is usually of a lighter hue.

Because of COVID or Coronavirus, Consell Insular of Menorca (CIME) decided to limit the capacity of the beaches in 2020. However, in the end, only was limited access to the most famous caves. In addition, beaches used to close between 21:00 and 6:00 since October to prevent illegal parties.

Top 30 best beaches in Menorca

30. Es Grau

es grau menorca

Es Grau is not many kilometres away from Mahón and is perfect for children. However, it's not very deep, so you need to walk a lot to water covers you.

In the beginning, you will need to cross a small bridge. After that, there's a short river that goes to Albufera des Grau park.

The beach is split into two sectors by a small mountain on the coast. It has white and fine sand. Sometimes there're many algae, but government remove them before summer.

It's in Es Grau village. A picturesque town in the north of Menorca. Houses are very white and contrast with the transparent sea.

29. Punta Prima

punta prima beach

Punta Prima is in Sant Lluis, between Alcaufar and Cala Torret. It's a whole tourist place with a vast beach. Highlights the width, more than 50 meters in some areas.

Once you get closer to the beach by the road, you will start seeing the turquoise waters. The landscape is lovely, Illa de l'Aire and its lighthouse it's always present on the sea horizon.

The zone itself is very touristic. It has many restaurants and hotels. Besides, it also has a supermarket and a pharmacy. This beach has facilities that allow you to not leave the town for essential services.

28. Binidalí

binidali beach menorca

Binidali is an unknown beach but is very special. It belongs to Mahon, and it's on the south coast of the island. You can reach it from Sant Lluis and Sant Climent roads.

It's a tiny beach, and the sand is limited to first bathers in the morning. So anyway, it's strange to find many people. But, you can relax on this quiet beach and enjoy its fine sand.

Visit it on days with north winds. It's going to be protected by its small hills. Surroundings of Binidali are ideal for doing some snorkel. There's a lot of fish.

27. Cala en Porter

cala en porter beach

One of the most performed beaches in Menorca is Cala en Porter. Very comparable to Punta Prima as it's in touristic urbanization.

It's a big beach compared with other coves. Thus, it's relatively easy to find a place in the sand to stretch, even in July and August.

It has restaurants close to the beach and the town. However, the best restaurants are at the top of the ravine. You will find leisure and restaurants, also supermarkets and a pharmacy.

26. Cala Galdana Beach

cala galdana beach

Cala Galdana Beach is in the same urbanization and has services like restaurants, resorts and toilets. The big shore used to have tourists and local people. The sea has an intensive sky-blue colour like all the beaches in the south.

It has a bridge that splits the beach from the town. Under it, there is a small waterway that goes to the harbour. From there, you can rent a boat and explore the surroundings of Cala Galdana.

The town has several viewpoints which offer exceptional views of the cove. Once there, you will be able to experience a graceful sunset on this beach.

It's an excellent beach to go with babies, the atmosphere is familiar, and the water is not deep.

25. Cala en Vidrier Beach

cala en vidrier menorca

Another beach that you can't miss is Cala en Vidrier, in Es Grau. It's a small and quiet cove, easy to access from Mahón across Cami de Cavalls. There're incredible views of the village and its harbour from this beach and to the main beach. Surroundings are rocky and perfect for doing snorkel in Illa d'en Colom.

The status of the beach is ideal for enjoying a sunny day in summer.

24. Binibeca

binibeca menorca

Binibeca Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Sant Lluis. You can arrive by car from any point in Menorca. It's between Punta Prima and Binisafuller, will need to take the ME-8 road from Mahón.

It's the best beach to go to with children in Menorca. It has a lifeguard and a Chiringuito on the same shore. It's called Bucaneros, and you will be able to take a soda meanwhile your kids are enjoying in the sand.

The sea is transparent and clear, with fine sand. It used to have local people and also tourists. The place itself offers a lot of services like hotels, restaurants and boat renting.

23. Sa Mesquida

sa mesquida menorca

Close to Mahón there is Sa Mesquida. This beach has golden and fine sand. It measures 350 meters; it's pretty broad and won't be challenging to find a place on the shore.

It has a small mountain on the shore you can easily climb called Es Pa Gros. From there, there're amazing views of the beach and the village.

To arrive at this Cala, you will need to take ME-3 road from Mahón. You will find this road on the first roundabout of Mahón Port. Once there, there is enormous parking and only 5 minutes walking to the beach.

22. Son Bou, the longest beach

son bou beach menorca

Son Bou is the longest beach in Menorca and one of the most famous and accessible. It's located near Alaior and has many services as it's a big town or urbanization.

Offers leisure options like watersports or hammocks renting. It's a recommended beach to go with kids; the water is not very deep on the shore.

At the end of the beach starts Atalis. In that area, people used to practise nudism, and there's a protected zone of dunes. Many years ago, it was one of the first hippie beaches in Menorca.

21. Cala Morell

cala morell menorca

One of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca is Cala Morell, although it's a bit built up. The village is on the roof of a cliff with incredible views. There isn't sand although it has a lot of areas where you can jump to the sea. It's a perfect place for doing snorkelling or spending the day sunbathing.

It has an old Talayotic Necropolis that you can visit if you aspire to see different things. It's old and has some historical explanations if you want to know more about it.

20. Pudent

cala pudent menorca

Cala Pudent is one of the most secret beaches in the north of Menorca. Close to Son Parc and 15 kilometres far away from Es Mercadal.

It's a very petite shore with clean sand. It's not very popular, and the surroundings are pure and marvellous. There used not to have many people, as is a lonely beach.

Nearby you have Macar de Cala Pudent, another likeable beach formed of tiny black stones. It's a good alternative if you want to go to a more solitary cove. If you remain on Cami de Cavalls, you will reach Arenal de Son Saura, mustn't confuse with the beach in Ciutadella.

A curiosity of Pudent is that it is pet-friendly. So socially, dogs are accepted on that beach, don't miss taking your best friend.

19. Cala Rafalet

cala rafalet menorca

Rafalet is one of the best beaches near Sant Lluis. It is located in Salgar, very near to Alcaufar. To can arrive, you need to do a walk-in on a narrow path covered by tree shadows.

It has flat stones where you can sunbathe. It's not the most comfortable Cala in Menorca, but the landscape is worth it.

The seabed has a lot of rocks and Posidonia Oceanica (an alga which is very present in Menorca). It's a recommended beach for doing snorkelling on the island. It has a lot of marine life and a lot of fish. Don't miss taking diving goggles and fins.

18. Cala Fustam

cala fustam menorca

Cala Fustam is one of the most hidden beaches in Menorca. It's close to Cala Escorxada and a little bit smaller. It's a natural place and doesn't have many bathers because it's a very remote cove. The area itself is an ANEI (Special Interest Natural Area).

You can go to Cala Fustam from 2 different places. The path itself always goes through Cami de Cavalls, which is a path that goes around the island.

The distance exceeded the 50 minutes of walk. Don't forget to take good shoes and some water. In summer it used to be very hot!

17. La Vall

la vall menorca

La Vall is positioned in the north, close to Ciutadella. It's one of the best beaches in the area.

The bay produces two different beaches separated by a cliff. You can do it by the seaboard or by the top of the hill to cross between them.

The sand is fine and white, and the sea is turquoise. The beach and the surroundings are natural and protected by holm oak forests.

That is another nudist beach in Menorca. Don't be surprised if you see nude people on the beach practising nudism.

The Cala has free parking and a small path that goes to the shore. An incredible walk-in in Menorca.

16. Cavallería

cala cavalleria menorca

Two parts divide Cavalleria Beach, with the Escollo of Ferragut in the middle of both. Like other beaches in Menorca, it is a nudist beach. Nudism is allowed in the most remote coves.

The beach has a mud cliff. You can put the clay on your body as it's a natural treatment to have soft skin. However, it is not good to do that, as you can damage the ecosystem.

Located in Cape Cavallería, and you need to use the Cami de Tramontana road to arrive. That is a narrow road that gives access to the best beaches in the north of Menorca.

A part of the Cala, you can see also the Cavallería Lighthouse. One of the best lighthouses on the island. It's 100 meters high and is visible from much of Menorca.

15. Ses Olles Beach, in Sant Lluis

best beaches of menorca ses olles

Ses Olles Beach is in the south of the island, near Sant Lluis and Binibeca.

It is one of the best beaches in Menorca for doing snorkelling because it has a lot of fish. If you throw some food at them, you will realise that they surround you in a few seconds.

The seabed is rocky on the coast, and more offshore becomes sandy. The beach has turquoise hue thanks to the Posidonia meadows.

The security is present at Ses Olles beach. There are some buoys for limiting the access of the beach to the yachts. So you will be able to freely snorkelling around. We recommend bringing a diving mask and a pair of diving fins to enjoy the experience of this beach the maximum.

There's no sand on this cove. However, there are some stone platforms where you can stay. It is a recommended beach; it is protected from the wind and the waves if it blows the north wind.

14. Cala Pregonda

cala pregonda menorca

Cala Pregonda is one of the best coves in Menorca and its between Cala Cavallería and Binimel·là. It's entirely natural as it only has three remoted apartments in the ravine.

To arrive at the beach, you would need to do a little walk across Camí de Cavalls (15 minutes). This accessible and beautiful path will allow you to contemplate astonishing landscapes.

Curiosity about that spot is that it has some tiny rocky islands in the north. They defend a little bit the shore from the powerful north winds. It's a nice place for diving, the sea is incredible, and the water is very transparent.

A paradisiac beach you cannot miss in Menorca.

13. Binigaus

binigaus menorca

Binigaus is close to Es Migjorn; it's a succession of Santo Tomas Beach. Recently has lost a lot of sand and has become rocky. However, it still has some sandy sectors where you can enjoy.

The water is immaculate and transparent. It's a colossal cove that measures more than two kilometres.

It has the most extensive cave on the island, Colom's Cave!

Not far away from the shore (30 minutes), there is the biggest cave in Menorca. But, of course, it would help if you visited it; it's enormous.

Cova des Coloms goes 300 meters deep inside a ravine and measures 25 meters high. A picture inside this cave is incredible.

12. Cala Pilar is an unspoilt beach.

cala pilar menorca

Cala Pilar is between Ciutadella and Ferreries. It's an inaccessible and unspoilt beach in the north. To can arrive, you need to take the detour in the Costa Nova on the ME-1 Road. Once you reach the parking, you will need to walk on a path for 30 minutes.

Red ground mountains with many forests become this area in one of the most natural places in Menorca. The landscapes and the surroundings of the beach are amazing. One of the quietest beaches on the Balearic islands!

11. Es Talaier

es talaier menorca

Es Talaier is one of the unknown beaches in Menorca, nearby to Son Saura. Visit it in May, July or September to avoid seeing numerous people and bathers.

It highlights the white and fine sand accompanied by turquoise water, like the rest of the beaches in the south. It's not deep, and it's easy to go far away without swimming, but remember. You cannot surpass de golden buoys for safety.

You can reach this cove from Cala en Turqueta or Son Saura. The parking of the last one is free and only 25 minutes far from this beach. The dirt path is sensational with good views.

10. Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili

cala tortuga menorca

Cala Tortuga is in Mahón, very near to the Favaritx Lighthouse. It's an entirely natural beach in the north of the island. The sea is clear with white and fine sand. You can arrive from Mao using the bus, which departures every two hours in season.

In winter, you can go directly by car and make a small tour of 15 minutes until the cove.

Cala Presili

Highly recommend visiting the secondary beach, near the principal one. Small cliffs defend and enclose the tiny Cala Presili from the north winds.

Faro de Favaritx

This lighthouse is visible from most of the beaches in the northEast. It's white and circled by some black lines. It's 28 meters high, and for sure it's a typical monument in Menorca.

Inside there is a small museum about marine signals. Very attractive for nautical fans.

Natural Pools in Menorca

On the shore of Favaritx there are some of the best natural pools in Menorca. There aren't crowds as it's a very hidden place. It's a great choice if you don't desire to walk to the main beaches.

Natural Pools are fantastic for diving and doing snorkel. The swell of the windy days made that the water flows to them and don't become stagnant. So visit them, are plenty of fish!

9. Mongofre, a hidden beach

mongofre menorca

Mongofre is a very isolated beach in the north. The easiest way to arrive is by yacht, as you will need more than 1 hour to go by foot from Addaia. Another option is to go by Kayak, one of the most economical options. The beach doesn't use to have many people.

In the area, there are two beaches, Savinar the Mongofre and Arenalet de Mongofre. Enormous cliffs surround both fantastic beaches.

The watercolour is transparent, and the sand is golden and fat. A fascinating curiosity of this beach is that it has the highest dunes in Menorca. A 50 meters cliff embed it; you should take a picture from the top!

8. Arenal d'en Moro

arenal den moro menorca

Arenal d'en Moro is a beach located in Colom island or Dove island, in Mahón. You can only enter by boat or Kayak. The cove and the surroundings are natural without any construction. It's a good option if you are looking for a peaceful beach in Menorca.

Adjacent to this beach, there is an excellent cove called Cala Tamarells, also on the same island. There's not much distance separating them, so it's a great plan to visit it.

Colom Island is plenty of beaches.

It's the largest Island inside Menorca and has 58 hectares. It's separated with 200 meters of not deep sandy water.

It's a natural area, but it was used as a mine in the centre many years ago. The island is private. In 2018 was acquired by a businessman. However, it's not permitted to build in it due it's a protected place.

7. Escorxada Beach

Escorxada is one of the best and inaccessible beaches in Menorca. You will have to walk almost an hour to can reach it using a nice ground path. It's between Mitjana Beach and Binigaus, and as it's a very remote beach, you will find an area with few people.

The tip is to park your vehicle in Cala Mitjana Parking and follow the path of Cami de Cavalls to the East (Mahón). The route is simple and well indicated.

If you visit Menorca, this is an essential beach you cannot miss during your stay.

5. Cala Turqueta

cala turqueta menorca

We can't ignore Cala Turqueta in this guide, ranking of the best beaches in Menorca. Found into a bay with many cliffs and trees. The sand is white but smooth with turquoise water. Comparable with the rest of the beaches in the south of the island. Almost any wind affects this beach, so it's approved every day in the summer season.

It has a lifeguard and a petite Chiringuito, perfect if you want to spend the day there.

It has easy access from Ciutadella, using the same road that goes to Cala Macarella. It has ample ground parking and a common path that will take you to the cove in 15 breaths.

4. Cala Mitjana, unique

best beaches of menorca cala mitjana

Cala Mitjana, beach in the south of Menorca, very near to Cala Galdana (Ferreries). You can quickly go to the parking which is less than 15 minutes from the beach. After that, the road to the beach becomes a Camí de Cavalls or horse trail. Once on the way, you will choose between Cala Mitjana or Cala Mitjaneta, the minor sister.

This beach is located in a small bay, surrounded by high cliffs, so like Ses Olles; Strong north wind doesn't affect it. The landscape is fantastic; we recommend visiting the viewpoint, the highest point of the area, where the beaches have impressive sights.

In summer is a very famous beach in Menorca, no wonder it's full of tourists. We highly recommend visiting this beach in May, June or September. If we go to Cala Mitjana in July or August, we can try to go to Cala Mitjaneta, although it's smaller, it isn't as well known as his older sister. It's a quick walk of 10 minutes from Cala Mitjana

3. Cala Macarella, the prettiest

cala macarella beach best beaches of menorca

Macarella Beach is one of the best beaches in Menorca. Since it appeared in the Estrella Damn ad, it has become a mandatory visit for everyone visiting Menorca in the summer.

You can go from Cala Galdana, walking around 35 minutes or from Ciutadella using the public bus service. Car access to that beach is forbidden to avoid overcrowding. You can check the bus timetable here.

With the turquoise and crystalline waters, its light white sand turns this beach into an idyllic beach. It seems that we are not in the Mediterranean Sea. It's an excellent place to go with children; also it has a Restaurant & Coffee called Susy. It's the only building in the beach area, so it keeps being a natural beach.

2. Cala Macarelleta, matchless

cala macarelleta best beaches menorca

We can't miss this list of the best beaches of Menorca, the famous Macarelleta Beach, the young sister of Cala Macarella, from where we will need to walk 12 minutes.

Cala Macarelleta is more covered by cliffs than its sister, and it doesn't have any buildings. So Macarelleta beach is natural, the sand takes a magic colour, and the clean water makes this small beach one of the most envied beaches of Europe.

The coast is rocky, offshore we will find large sand areas, so it's very recommended to take a diving goggle and a pair of diving fins to practice some snorkel. There's a small underwater cave, which might be interesting for the more darings to dive.

1. Es Calo Blanc, the best one

calo blanc best beaches menorca

Although it is not the remotest beach of Menorca, Calo Blanc beach has become one of the trends of recent years. It's without doubt one of the best beaches of Menorca, with its scarce 2 square meters of sand.

We can easily access this beach from Binisafuller - Cap d'en Font. It has a small ground parking, where can easily park.

The surroundings of Es Calo Blanc Beach are magic, rocky territories where we can jump to the turquoise sea. That colour is so blue and transparent that we all want to see it in Menorca.

What is the best beach in Menorca?

No cove is better than another in Menorca; all have the unique part that makes them impressive. Therefore, we recommend visiting all of them.

best beaches menorca