Best Menorca Beaches

Menorca is the first place to see the sunrise in Spain. It has been a biosphere and world heritage reserve for 25 years ago. And at the same time, one of the most preserved places on the Balearic Islands

We can access the best beaches of Menorca by car, although we recommend it if is possible to go by motorcycle, bike or even better, boat. In order to visit the remotest beaches.

Menorca Beaches, or Calas, are small coastal areas where Menorcan people have been swimming for many years ago. They all keep one thing in common, their crystalline and turquoise waters, typical of the Menorca landscape. Also, Menorca has some natural pools protected against big waves, originated from the strong north wind called tramontana.

Beaches in the North of Menorca, are generally rocky, with small hills and cliffs without forest. On the other hand, beaches in the south used to have more forests and the water is usually of a lighter hue.

Top 5 best beaches in Menorca

5. Ses Olles Beach, in Sant Lluis

best beaches of menorca ses olles

Ses Olles Beach, is located on the south of the Island, near Sant Lluis and Binibeca. It is one of the best beaches in Menorca for doing snorkel, this is due to a huge amount of fish. If we throw some food to them, we will realize that in a few seconds we are surrounded by fish.

The seabed is rocky on the coast, and more offshore becomes sandy. Giving to the beach a turquoise hue thanks to the posidonia meadows.

The security is present into Ses Olles beach, there are some buoys for limiting the access of the beach to the yachts. So we will be able to freely snorkeling around. We recommend bringing a diving mask and a pair of diving fins to fully enjoy the experience of this beach

There's no sand on this beach, however, there are some stone platforms where you can stay. Definitely is a recommended beach if blows north wind, we will be protected from the wind and waves.

4. Cala Mitjana, unique

best beaches of menorca cala mitjana

Cala Mitjana, beach in the south of Menorca, very near to Cala Galdana (Ferreries). You can easily go to the parking which is less than 15 minutes from the beach. The road to the beach itself becomes a Camí de Cavalls or horse trail. Once on the way, we will be able to choose between going to Cala Mitjana or Cala Mitjaneta, the small sister.

This beach is located in a small bay, surrounded by high cliffs, so like Ses Olles, it's totally protected from the strong north wind. The landscape is fantastic, we recommend visiting the viewpoint, the highest point of the area, where there are impressive sights of the beaches.

In summer is a very famous beach in Menorca, no wonder it's full of tourists. We highly recommend visiting this beach in the months of May, June or September. If we go to Cala Mitjana in July or August, we can try to go to Cala Mitjaneta, although it's smaller, isn't as well known as his older sister. It's a quick walk of 10 minutes from Cala Mitjana

3. Cala Macarella, the prettiest

cala macarella beach best beaches of menorca

Definitely, Macarella Beach, is one of the best beaches in Menorca. Since it appeared in the Estrella Damn ad, it has become a mandatory visit for everyone visiting Menorca in summer.

You can go from Cala Galdana walking around 35 minutes or from Ciutadella using the public bus service. The car access to that beach is forbidden to avoid overcrowding. You can check the bus timetable here.

Its light white sand, with the turquoise and crystalline waters, turn this beach into an idyllic beach, seems that we are not in the Mediterranean Sea. It's recommended to go with children, also it has a Restaurant & Coffee called Susy. It's the only building on the beach area, so it keeps being a virgin beach

2. Cala Macarelleta, matchless

cala macarelleta best beaches menorca

We can't miss in this list of best beaches of Menorca, the famous Macarelleta Beach, the young sister of Cala Macarella, from where we will need to walk 12 minutes.

Cala Macarelleta is even more wrapped in cliffs than its sister, and it doesn't have any building. So Macarelleta beach is totally virgin, the sand takes a magic color, and the clean water makes this small beach one of the most envied beaches of Europe.

The coast is rocky, offshore we will find huge sand areas, so it's very recommended to take a diving goggle and a pair of diving fins to practice some snorkel. There's a small underwater cave, which might be interesting for the more darings to dive.

1. Es Calo Blanc, the best one

calo blanc best beaches menorca

Although is not the remotest beach of Menorca, Calo Blanc beach has become one of the trends of recent years. It's without doubt one of the best beaches of Menorca, with its scarce 2 square meters of sand.

We can easily access to this beach from Binisafuller - Cap d'en Font. It has a small ground parking, where can easily park.

The surroundings of Es Calo Blanc Beach are magic, rocky areas where we can jump to the turquoise sea. That color so blue and transparent that we all want to see in Menorca.

What is the best beach in Menorca?

There really is no cove that is better than another in Menorca, all have the unique part that makes them impressive. We recommend visiting all of them.

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