beaches near ciutadella menorca

Beaches near Ciutadella, in Menorca

Ciutadella is near many exceptional beaches that you should not forget if you visit the western region of Menorca. They all share turquoise waters that leave any guest shocked.

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Ranking of the best coves and beaches near Ciutadella

Do not miss this spectacular ranking of the best coves and beaches near Ciutadella. The western area stands out for its lovely beaches with turquoise and light blue waters.

The beaches are split into two sections. The ones in the north and the ones in the south; these last ones are more famous, as there are many more spots.

5. La Vall

la vall ciutadella

This beach is near the north of Ciutadella, precisely 20 minutes by car from the city centre. It offers free parking with plenty of places.

The beach has two coves, the main one, known as La Vall, and the adjoining one, called Es Bot. Both shores are separated by a small hill that can be crossed to go to one or the other beach. It's good to look at the wind to know which two beaches are more covered by the wind.

The area, also known as Algaiarens, is one of the best and perhaps less exploited beaches in summer; since most people go to the southern coves. This spot is natural and highly recommended even if you go with children or your couple.

4. Cala Macarelleta

cala macarelleta ciutadella

Macarelleta is possibly one of the most famous beaches if you think of Menorca and the summertime. Over time, this well-known spot appeared in numerous video clips and advertisements, leading to its overcrowding, especially in summer.

Therefore, if you want to visit this beautiful beach, we recommend that you go in May, June or September to avoid overcrowding on the shore.

Regarding the beach, it is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous in Ciutadella. Its sand is fine, and its turquoise waters are comparable to the Caribean. As a very positive point, it is very protected from most winds, even more so than its older sister, Cala Macarella.

3. Son Saura

son saura ciutadella

Son Saura beach is another beach located near Ciutadella. You will spend 25 minutes by car to get there. The way is by the Camí de Sant Joan de Misa path, which leads to practically all the beaches in the southern area.

This beach is one of the amplest in the city. However, it also preserves great nature and an ecosystem full of marine life. It is a highly recommended beach to go with children since the water covers little and has a lifeguard.

2. Cala Turqueta

cala turqueta ciutadella

Cala Turqueta is a well-known beach in the Ciutadella area. However, unlike the previous one, this cove is much smaller.

Therefore, it will be vital that you go early in the middle of summer because it fills up quickly with bathers. Thus, you can enjoy it much more.

The colour of the water gives the name to this cove. One of the most turquoise waters on the island, given that the numerous Posidonia meadows help to oxygenate the water and keep it very transparent.

1. Es Talaier

es talaier ciutadella

And we finish our ranking with the best beach near Ciutadella; It's Es Talaier. We put this beach at number one because it is much less well-known and has impressive waters.

It is undoubtedly a particular place, full of marine life, good sand and ideal for snorkelling with your children or partner.

To get to this splendid beach, you will have to walk approximately 25 minutes from the Arenal de Son Saura.

Tips for visiting the beaches near Ciutadella:

Pay attention to parking banners

Before entering the path of Sant Joan de Missa that leads to the southern beaches, there are several banners with the current status of their parking.

You mustn't enter the road if the parking is complete, as you can get stuck and ruin your day at the beach.

It is recommendable to go early in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon.

Bring enough water and food

As you might know, these beaches are virgin and do not have bars or beach bars.

Therefore, you must carry enough provisions if you are going to spend the day, especially in summer when the sun is quite hot.

Don't forget some diving goggles

If you are a lover of diving and snorkelling, you should bring some diving goggles to explore the surroundings of the beach. There is plenty of fish and marine life to discover.

If you don't have one, you will find many shops that sell diving goggles close to Ciutadella and its urbanisations.

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