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Cala Mitjaneta, awesome beach in Menorca

Cala Mitjaneta is considerably smaller than its maturer sister. Now, it is an authentic beauty surrounded by forests in the south of Menorca. The sea is of a turquoise colour that invites all who visit it to bathe.

Cala Mitjaneta, in the South of Menorca

Close to Cala Galdana you have one of the best beaches in MenorcaCala Mitjaneta. It has turquoise waters and amazing hills and forests to explore.

cala mitjaneta beach menorca

How to get to Cala Mitjaneta

To get to Cala Mitjaneta, you should first go to Cala Mitjana, and then go around a small road across cami de cavalls. It will take you about 5 or 10 minutes approximately. It's recommended to visit and would be great to use some sneakers and made a trip around the beach.

How to get to the main beach

To go to Cala Mitjana, you must take the detour to Cala Galdana in Ferreries. Before arriving at the urbanization you will see ground parking on the left. From there, you must follow a nice path 10 minutes walking until reach the shore.

Mitjaneta is incredible!

Without any doubt, this cove is in the top of the beaches on the island. Beach is pristine with soft white sand between your toes. But, what becomes this beach awesome is the landscapes. It has very high cliffs surrounded by huge forests. An unspoiled place in Menorca.

mitjaneta menorca

It can host max 20 bathers approximately, as this cove doesn't have much sand. It's recommended to go when there's no wind or at least this is North. Big waves become this beach even smaller.

It's 40 meters long and only has 2 meters height. Go early in the morning if you want to place your towel on the sand, it worth it!

There is a nice area in front of the cove

Used to happen a lot that this beach is full of people. Don't worry, it has another zone not less attractive.

Ahead of the beach, there is a tiny stone's area where you can jump and take a dip. It's not as comfortable as the sand, but you can sunbathe anyway. There are two stairs to avoid climbing the rocks.

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