Presili Beach is an awesome beach in the north of Menorca, it's located near the Favaritx lighthouse, it's a virgin beach which is close to Mahón city.

Cala Presili Beach, in the north of Menorca

Cala Presili Beach is a very nice beach inside the Natural Park of Es Grau, although is more than 5 kilometers away from the park itself. It's with Cala Tortuga Beach, one of the most awesome virgin beaches on the North of Menorca. Located in the Morella bay, is one of the most emblematic places of Menorca Island.

How to arrive at Cala Presili

To arrive at Cala Presili, we would need to take the bus from Mahón which departures every day during Summer, that's because the car access to the beach is forbidden to avoid overcrowding. If we want to go to the beach in winter, we will be able to go by car, and probably we are not gonna have any parking problems. The road is the ME-2, which goes from Mahón to Fornells, we would need to turn right into Favaritx Lighthouse indication.

Once in Cala Presili, we will perfectly see Favaritx lighthouse, that lighthouse delimits all the north-east of Menorca. It is white and striped, a classic of all Menorca Postal. Around, there are small rocky areas with natural pools we cannot miss.

favartix lighthouse

Security in Cala Presili

Cala Presili beach, doesn't have lifeguard and mobile coverage is very limited, so it's important to take enough water for the hot mornings and evenings of Summer. Also, we need to be careful if there's jellyfish, thus there's no flag which tells us that. It has some yellow beacons 200 meters away from the coast, they avoid that boats become close to the beach. So we cannot surpass them for our security if we go offshore.

Without any doubt, Cala Presili or Morella Arenal, is one of the most awesome beaches in Menorca, with fine white sand, not common in the northern beaches. As we get closer to the beach by the Cami de Cavalls, we will see the desertic nature around, poor vegetation, with some bush worn by the strong wind of Tramontana. The roads, sometimes quite narrow, will leave us with stunning views of the beach, with that blue so clear that it characterizes the beaches of northern Menorca.

cala presili beach menorca

The seabed of the beach is generally sandy since all the Bay is called Morella's sand. At the ends of the beach, we will find more rocky areas and with some oceanic Posidonia meadow, mainly on the shore, if we try to go to the Favaritx cape or Cala Tortuga. We recommend wearing diving goggles and fins if we want to explore its surroundings

Cala Presili by Boat or Kayak

Great experience would be to visit Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga by Boat, we can do it from the port of Fornells or Mahón, renting a boat to spend the day. For the more adventurous, you can also rent a kayak in Es Grau Beach and go to spend the day at the beautiful beaches of the Arenal de Morella. The journey is 1 hour and a half to go, and another hour and a half to return, so it is important to bring enough water and food to spend the day at sea.