Mongofre Beach, in Menorca

If you are going to visit Menorca you cannot miss Mongofre, or also known as Savinar de Mongofre. This is undoubtedly one of the most inaccessible beaches of Menorca since it can only be accessed by boat.

Mongofre Beach and its spectacular dunes

Mongofre is located between the beaches of Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili (in the Favaritx Lighthouse) and the urbanization of Addaia. It is located between the municipalities of Alaior and Mahón, in the north of Menorca. It is a very inaccessible beach since to arrive on foot we will have to make a good tour of Camí de Cavalls. The fact that makes it only possible to arrive by boat, has very little influx of visitors.

The beach is quite large, about 150 meters long, a typical white and fine sand of the beaches of northern Menorca. It is completely unspoiled, has no buildings, so you can enjoy the most desert and wild Menorca. The presence of high cliffs makes the beach is protected from the strong wind of Tramontana. Vegetation is practically non-existent, with the exception of low scrub and some oak.

How to get to Mongofre

If we decide to get to Mongofre on foot, the most recommended option is to park the car on the batteries of the Favaritx lighthouse, 3.5 kilometers from the beach. We recommend bringing enough water and food if we go in the middle of summer.

We will walk the camí de Cavalls counterclockwise until we see a sign with directions to Salinas de Mongofre. Then, we will leave the camí de Cavalls and continue walking 20 minutes until we reach the beach.

The dunes of Mongofre

image of the dunes of mongofre, in menorca

In Mongofre we will find one of the largest and most spectacular dunes in Menorca. These reach the top of the cliff, from where there are spectacular views of the entire beach and the Savina de Mongofre. These wind originated in favor, because of the erosion produced by the strong tramontana wind. It will not be unusual to observe goats climbing the cliffs, it seems impossible to be able to climb the steep cliffs.

The Seabed

The whole area has large cliffs, accompanied by wide slabs and rocks that delimit the coastline. The central area of ??the beach has a large area of ??sand, where we can see gilthead, smooth and other fish, so we recommend not to forget some diving goggles and fins to practice some snorkeling.

Visit the beach on a boat

Going to the Mongofre beach by boat is a spectacular experience in Menorca, it is the ideal beach if we want to rent a boat in Menorca. We have several options, the Port de Fornells has rental companies, rent untitled boats, and others in case we have previous experience.

We must be careful and go slowly when arriving at the beach since there are considerable hidden rocks, which can pose a danger to the boat.


  • Bring enough water and food, since Cala Mongofre is quite inaccessible, we will not find anywhere to buy anything.
  • Wearing snorkeling glasses and snorkel fins is totally recommended.
  • Observe the beach signs, explain the ecosystem carefully, and why its spectacular dune formed.
  • Warn of our departure and arrival time, since there is not much coverage in the area.