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Cala Pilar beach, in Menorca

Cala Pilar is one of the most remote and wild beaches in Menorca, which makes it very attractive for tourists looking for a natural space where the passage of humans is barely visible.

Cala Pilar beach (Menorca)

Cala Pilar Menorca is a beach in the shape of a seashell. It is a beach that is located in Punta des Carregador and Els Alocs cove. Next to Cala Pilar, you will also find the tiny island of s'Escull de Cala del Pilar.

It is a beach that is open to the swell, making it practically inaccessible to enter the beach when the Tramontana blows strongly.

It is a beach formed by gravel and golden sands. This dark reddish tone is characteristic of the north of Menorca, and you can also see the hills surrounding the beach, such as the hills of Marina de Santa Elisabet. The difficult access to this beach makes it a little crowded, ideal for those looking for a relaxing day surrounded by nature by the sea.

Get ready to walk!

This beach does not have parking , and you have to walk around 30 minutes on foot to reach it through a pine forest that is equally beautiful and where many tourists stop to take pictures and enjoy nature. As for the dimensions of the beach, you will face a coast of 250 meters in length by 30 meters in width.

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Its isolated charm and the fact that it is a protected area allows it to show crystal clear waters that seduce visitors. You will not find restaurants, bars, or any service. Still, the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity that you can breathe in Cala Pilar compensates for all the material deficiencies you may have. You have to go with everything you need to spend the day and let the hours pass by the sea in the best company.

How to get to Cala Pilar

how to get to cala pilar menorca

Cala Pilar is between two crucial population towns in Menorca such as Ciutadella and Ferreries. That's why sometimes we know that beach as Cala Pilar Ferreries. This point is near Menorca Castle on the main road ME-1.

If you are going from Ciutadella, you can detour down the slope to the right at kilometre 34 of the main road, known as Camí del Pilar or Coll Roig. This road passes under the main road and connects with the path you must take to get to the beach.

If you are going from Mahón, you must also take the detour to the right towards Carretera del Pilar or Camí d'Alfuri , which is just at the beginning of the slope in the overtaking lane the right at kilometre 34. From Ciutadella and Mahón, you must continue the indications to get to the Cala del Pilar car park.

From there, you have to get out of the car, take everything you need for the day at the beach and follow the marked path until you reach some wooden stairs that allow you to go down the cliff until you get Cala Pilar. It is recommended to use the walkway path and not go down through other areas because there are massive cliffs and an accident.

Why should you visit Cala Pilar?

In Cala Pilar, there are no services available for visitors , as it is an isolated beach that you can only reach on foot and where there are no companies that offer assistance to tourists. But there are activities that you can do to enjoy the day in Cala Pilar.

For example, it is an ideal beach for snorkelling lovers since it is a protected fishing area where you cannot fish , and this allows for rich underwater fauna and flora that are worth discovering. So take your goggles and fins and get ready to find a true underwater paradise.

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Cala Pilar is also the perfect beach for literature lovers because of the silence that it breathes , for those who enjoy photography, for the impressive landscapes it offers, or for those who want to bring out their most artistic side by painting a canvas that reflects the beauty of this Menorcan beach.

There is also a small cave on the beach that you can visit and where you can protect yourself from the sun when it is very sunny and take some funny pictures with your friends or your couple.

Opinions about Cala Pilar

Cala Pilar is one of the beaches in Menorca that has the best opinions, both from locals and from national and international tourists who visit the island.

It is one of the favourite beaches on the island for those who want peace and calm in a natural area, away from the noise.

All visitors say it is impressive!

Cala Pilar has excellent ratings, reviews and opinions on the web. For example, on the TripAdvisor travel portal, the beach has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 among more than 390 different reviews that tourists who have visited it have left on the web. Or the note of 4.7 out of 5 that more than 600 visitors have left on Google in the tourist attraction category.

These are some opinion examples people give to this fantastic beach:

  • The beach is spectacular because of its wildness and the red colour of its sand; the excursion worth it!
  • Cala Pilar is better than many famous southern beaches with turquoise water.

Cala Pilar, one of the best tourist attractions in the north of Menorca, is worth visiting during a stay on the island. An opportunity to see first-hand the perfectly preserved natural paradise north of Menorca.