sharks in menorca

Are there sharks in Menorca?

There are sharks in Menorca?

Is possible that you saw all Shark films, and think that in this small Spanish beach, there's a shark waiting to attack you.

In fact, yes, there are sharks in Menorca. But like all the Mediterranean sea. However, sightings in that latitudes rarely happens. With the time, they were disappearing, cause of overfishing, and the increase of ships. Sharks are totally driven out deep waters far away.

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If we are lucky (or unlucky), and we find a shark. We don't be worried, probably it's gonna be hurried and stranded on the beach. The best think we can do, is try to call someone who can help it, and save the shark's life.

Generally, sightings are all about a small shark called tintorera or blue shark (Prionace glauca). Don't measure more than 3 meters, but they used to be much smaller.

Found a dead shark in Mahon's Harbour.

Do you want to see sharks in Menorca?

It's not as easy as in oceanic countries. We should go away lot of miles from the coast, and hope to be lucky; cause the slighting is gonna be difficult. Although, without going so far, in 2018, a scientific ship saw a white shark, but finally it was a pilgrim shark or Cetorhinus maximus. It's an animal which can measure 10 meters, and eats just plancton. The really last seen confirmed of a big white, was in 1960's decade in Mallorca.

Video about the supposed white shark in the Balearic Islands

There's more than 50 species of sharks in the Balearic Islands

You heard it right, in the Balearic Islands there's more than 50 species of sharks, although mostly of them live in very deep waters, from 500 meters deep. It's not rare to see stranded sharks on the beaches, especially in winter. Maritime storms take them dead or dying to the coast, thing that surprise each time the visitors.

Normally are medium sharks from 1 to 3 meters long. The most frequent shark sighting in Balearic Islands are the Isurus oxyrinchus and the Prionace glauca, this last one also known as blue shark.

In conclusion, if you go to Menorca. Statistically it's easier to receive a thunderbolt than a shark attack. You can be calm and enjoy of Menorca and their 5 best beaches.