arenal den moro beach

Arenal den Moro, in Colom Island

This small but beautiful beach is on the spectacular Isla d'en Colom, in the Es Grau area. The Arenal d'en Moro is virgin also the water is clean.

Don't forget this awesome beach, fully virgin.

Near Es Grau Beach is located Arenal d'en Moro, for local people is considered the best Beach of Colom Island. It doesn't have any kind of building or construction so it is one of the best virgin beaches of Menorca.

Visiting Arenal d'en Moro is recommended any time in Summer, as is a very remote and uninhabited spot we are not gonna find tons of bathers like other Menorca beaches. However, private boats used to anchor in the surroundings of Colom Island and Zodiacs from them used to dock on the Beach.

The Beach is East oriented and it's possible to go unless there are strong Tramontana (North) winds. That only happens a couple of times in Summer, so if you stay for a week for sure you will be able to visit Arenal d'en Moro.

arenal den moro colom island

All other winds will not affect you for visiting that awesome natural beach with turquoise waters. The Beach is protected like a Bay, so it's protected from the swell.

We can only access Arenal d'en Moro from the Sea.

As this beach is located on an island and there are no bridges to cross it, we can only access by boat or other alternatives we will tell you. Going to the Island swimming is not recommended, although is only a 300 meters trip, there're a lot of boats sailing on the area, so it could be dangerous.

  • In a water taxi. You can reserve a speedboat that makes the route to Arenal d'en Moro. Then he will come to pick you up at the agreed time or when you are tired. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable option, especially if you go with your family.
  • Rent a Kayak. You can rent a Kayak from Es Grau Beach, it's a 20 minutes awesome trip and you can rent a Kayak of one or two seats.
  • Paddle Surf. That's the latest trend, as it has become very popular nowadays. It's an inflatable board and you will need to stand up paddling. If you go with a group of friends can be funny to see who has better balance.
arenal den moro menorca es grau

What can we visit near Arenal d'en Moro?

  • [Cala Tamarells](/en/blog/colom-island-menorca">Colom Island, the biggest island in Menorca, and definitely one of the nicest ones. It has an extra beautiful beach called <a href="/en/beaches-in-menorca/tamarells-beach-menorca) which is on the South of the Island. If you go kayaking or by paddling you will see it on the road to Arenal d'en Moro.
  • The Beaches in front of Colom Island are wonderful. Turquoise waters with small sand areas become these heavenly corners in a perfect option. We highlight Cala Solitaria.
  • Direction to Favaritx Lighthouse, we will see a circular tower made with stones. It conforms Sa Torreta beach, a suitable alternative to enjoy the tranquillity of Menorca.