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Cala Rafalet beach, in Menorca

Cala Rafalet is a virgin black pearl on the island of Menorca. Undoubtedly an exceptional place to snorkel and explore its caves and trails.

Peace in Cala Rafalet, Menorca

Cala Rafalet is one of the most stunning virgin beaches in Sant Lluis (Menorca). This spot is in the south of the island, and you can do activities such as diving, slack or climbing.

It is a virgin cove!

Giant cliffs and plenty of nature surround Cala Rafalet from most of the winds. The seabed, made up of large slabs and stones, is home to many marine species; It is an ideal place for snorkelling!

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Unlike other beaches in Menorca, it does not have sand. However, the fact that it is a rocky beach does not entail difficulty; the height is perfect to jump into the water and also get out. Of course, bring good shoes, your feet will appreciate them. It is a short but very appealing excursion in absolute nature.

How to get to Cala Rafalet

Getting to Cala Rafalet is not tricky; two routes will take you to the beach in less than 20 minutes. Now, if you are looking for a different and daring experience, you can also go kayaking; We'll tell you right away.

Go walking

If your idea is to go by car or motorbike, you will have to go to Sant Lluís and take the road to s'Algar - Alcaufar (ME-8).

You will have to take the detour on the left side of the road, just after entering the main S'Algar road.

how to get to cala rafalet menorca

The path has no asphalt and continues 3 minutes from the main road. Once there, you will only have to enjoy the trail for 10 minutes until you reach the beach. An oak forest will surround you, something great as you will have shadow most of the time.

detour cala rafalet menorca cami de cavalls

The only dilemma in reaching Cala Rafalet is finding the start of the route, a small entrance in a rock wall. So you don't get lost, here's a picture.

cami de cavalls cala rafalet menorca

There is an alternative route if you want to walk a little more

If you think you can walk further, an alternative path will also take you to Cala Rafalet.

As you may have already read, you first must take the road to S'Algar - Alcaufar (ME-8) from Sant Lluis.

However, you will have to enter the urbanization of S'Algar this time, until Las Palmeras hotel. Fortunately, in this part of town, you will find parking.

Pay attention; you will see a rocky wall with a small entrance. You must follow the path, always sticking to the right; the route to Cala Rafalet looks like a labyrinth of alleys.

route trip to cala rafalet menorca

There is no loss; after the first 100 meters, the path is better signposted; You will only have to go down until you reach the cove.

Enjoy Cala Rafalet in Kayak

A great activity on your holidays in Menorca can be to do a Kayak or Paddle Surf excursion to Cala Rafalet. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable way to explore all its surroundings, and you will be able to get closer to the most inaccessible corners and coves.

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The kayak trip usually starts from Cala Alcaufar or from Cala Sant Esteve , near Es Castell.

Go by Boat

If you want to go by boat, you can rent it in Mahón, a shore well known to all patrons. However, the bay is very narrow, and you must anchor the boat outside. That's the reason why it is better to go Kayaking.

cala rafalet by boat menorca

What to do in Cala Rafalet

If you are wondering what to do in Cala Rafalet , you should know that this beach offers multiple possibilities to spend an unforgettable day.

There are a lot of fish! you can snorkel

As we have told you, it is a spot away from the crowd , meaning you can feel its nature throughout the area.

diving snorkel cala rafalet menorca fish

Thanks to this, the cove is a spectacular spot for diving and snorkelling. That said, don't forget to bring some diving goggles because it's worth submerging yourself in its crystal clear sea. It's full of fish!

Cala Rafalet is ideal for doing slackline and psicobloc

It is one of the most relevant things about this beach. Thanks to its orography (its bay is narrow and surrounded by cliffs), it is a perfect point to ride a slackline line in Menorca.

Several cliffs are very climbable; Whether you are a Psicobloc fan or if it is your first time, do not forget to wear shoes that grip well on the rocks. The water is deep, so there's no danger.

Try yoga

The shade of Cala Rafalet forest is perfect for doing activities such as yoga or reading a book. You will feel a great peace, surrounded by nature and the sound of birds. It is a heaven of peace!

Sleep in Cala Rafalet as a backpacker

This beach is one of the best places to camp in Menorca. Trees protect from dew, and there isn't light pollution; You will see the stars very well.

It is important to remember that camping with a tent in Menorca and Cala Rafalet is not allowed. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a suitable sleeping bag and a bivouac (to protect you from humidity).

3 tips for visiting Cala Rafalet

1. Wear good shoes

You must wear comfortable shoes; you will have to walk 10-15 minutes to the beach. In addition, it is advisable to bring some climbing shoes if you want to improvise your route through the rocks and platforms of the beach.

2. Don't forget the water!

Remember that it is a spot far from towns; you will not find any services near Cala Rafalet. Therefore, bringing water, soft drinks, and food is crucial if you plan to spend the day.

3. Check the weather forecast

The cove is protected from most winds; however, you must be careful with the Levante (East) and Xaloc (Southeast) winds ; these winds forcefully enter the bay forming huge waves.

Checking the forecast is an important tip; the sea will be more turquoise, and you will avoid finding jellyfish.