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Binidaí beach is in the south of Menorca

Cala Binidalí is one of those little-known coves that go unnoticed. It's lovely and has the advantage that it hardly has any bathers. In addition, its small area makes it an unusual cove in Menorca.

Activities near Binidalí

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Binidali beach is near Sant Climent

In the urbanization of Binidalí, we will find the small but fabulous Binidalí Beach, in the south of Menorca. It's not very popular, only for local people, but a part of that is it's a fantastic beach to spend the day. It is the previous beach to Canutells.

The beach is located on a tiny bay, surrounded by low hills and poor vegetation. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating beach to go to with Northwind; you will find the calm missed on Menorca north shores.

binidali beach menorca skyview

It has pure and turquoise waters like all the beaches on the south of Menorca. It has sand seabed with huge Posidonia (algae) areas. The sand is very thin and white.

The beach itself is tiny, so we highly recommend going early in July and August to take a good place on the beach. You will find parking easily, cause there's one just near the beach which is free. But anyway, if you don't see a place there, you can park behind Binidali streets.

How to arrive?

To arrive at Binidalí Beach, you can quickly go from Punta Prima, Salgar or Binisafua from the Me-10 road, around Sant Lluis coast.

If you are far away from there, for example, Mahón or Ciutadella, we recommend going for the Binidalí road that starts from Sant Climent. Mahón indicates Sant Climent on the banners.

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