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Cala Escorxada beach, in Menorca

If you are in Menorca and looking for a magical spot to spend the day, an excellent option is Cala Escorxada. A haven of peace in the south of the island.

Activities near Cala Escorxada

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Cala Escorxada

For lovers of the brave and challenges, visiting Cala Escorxada during a stay on the island of Menorca can be something exciting.

It is one of the best coves in Menorca thanks to its crystal clear waters and its virgin and natural environment, but it is also one of the most remote and with more complicated access for visitors.

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Cala Escorxada is one of the natural treasures of Menorca; locals and tourists visit this little corner throughout the year to contemplate its incredible landscape. It's a perfect place to bathe in crystal clear turquoise waters and take pictures of the classic idyllic Balearic and Mediterranean landscape.

cala escorxada in menorca

How to get to Cala Escorxada

There are different ways to get to Cala Escorxada , so you have to choose your favourite to visit it physically. The different ways to get there are as follows:

By car + 1 hour on foot

If your goal is to get to Cala Escorxada by car, you should know that you will have around an hour's walk from wherever you park it to the beach.

Suppose you leave the car in the Cala Mitjana parking. In that case, you will have to walk about 40 minutes to Cala Trebaluger, and from this point another 40 minutes on foot to Cala Fustam, which is another 10-minute walk from your final goal, Cala Escorxada.

You can also leave your car in the Santo Tomás parking next to the Es Migjorn Gran cemetery. The walking time may vary depending on your physical condition or going with children, but it is undoubtedly one of the most extended walks to reach a beach in Menorca.


If you are a lover of bike routes, you can also get to Cala Escorxada by bike. However, it is better to leave the car at Es Migjorn Gran and leave the bikes there to start the route. Ideally, it would help if you went from that point to Binigaus and from Binigaus follow the path that leads to Cala Escorxada as long as the terrain allows it.

If you start from the Santo Tomás parking, you should be aware that you will have to leave your bike locked a considerable distance from Cala Escorxada.

By boat

Another way to get to Cala Escorxada more quickly, but at a higher economic cost, is by boat using the Taximar service.

This service costs 30 euros per person and leaves from different points on the island to drop you off at any of the coves in the south of Menorca that come on the route, including Cala Escorxada. If you go with children, you can enjoy a discount for families.

cala escorxada, menorca

How looks Cala Escorxada?

Cala Escorxada is one of those beaches of difficult access that are perfectly preserved and far from the significant tourist avalanches. It is a tranquil beach throughout the year , except for July and August when there are more visitors and the occupation increases. It is a beach of fine white sand that enchants everyone for its softness.

We can find the classic transparent turquoise waters that characterize the coves and beaches in the south of the island of Menorca. It is also located within the Natural Area of Special Interest Me-13, extending from Binigaus to Cala Mitjana.

Although no type of service is offered on the beach, it may be one of the best options to spend a day in the south of the island on one of the dream beaches that we all think of when we think of Menorca.

Why visit Cala Escorxada

Visiting Cala Escorxada is one of the best experiences you can enjoy during a stay in Menorca. And it is for a double reason: for the route on foot between natural landscapes and extensive Mediterranean pine forests and for the beauty of the beach and its landscape. Moreover, it is an ideal beach to visit among those fleeing from the wind since the south wind does not usually blow much.

It is a perfect cove for a relaxing day on a secluded beach. Next to the beach, there are some rock caves perfect for shelter if there is wind or enjoying a natural environment.

In addition, when visiting Cala Escorxada, you also can visit Cala Fustam, which is just a 5-minute walk away and is another cove with fine sand and crystal clear waters that is worth discovering on the island.