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Cala Fustam, in Menorca

If your wish is to visit the largest number of coves during your stay in Menorca, one of the ones you have to put on your list is Cala Fustam.

Activities near Cala Fustam

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Cala Fustam

This beach may not be one of the best beaches in Menorca, but it is a place with a unique charm and natural beauty thanks to its perfect state of conservation outside the most relevant tourist circuits.

Cala Fustam is a highly recommended beach for those who want to enjoy Menorca in a quieter and less crowded place than Cala Macarella. In addition, it is located next to other beaches of great scenic interest, such as Cala Trebaluger or Cala Escorxada, so you cannot forget to visit it on the way.

cala fustam menorca

How to get to Cala Fustam

To get to Cala Fustam, you have to follow the exact instructions and indications that are followed to get to Cala Escorxada. You can get to this beach in the following way:

By car and walking

You can go to Cala Fustam using your vehicle and then walk for a long time until you reach the beach. You can leave your car in the Cala Mitjana parking, perhaps the most accessible option. But you can also leave your car in the Santo Tomás parking.

From there, you can reach the extensive beach of Binigaus and walk along with it. After that, you must climb the slope in the middle of the beach to find a nature trail that will take you first to Cala Escorxada and about 10 minutes on foot later to Cala Fustam.

You can also leave your car in the car park next to the Es Migjorn Gran cemetery and walk along the path for one hour, although it depends on your physical condition. Ideally, you should bring plenty of water and comfortable shoes, as you will need both for the outward and return trips.

By boat

You can also get to Cala Fustam by boat, perhaps the fastest and easiest access. You can rent a boat in the nearby Cala Galdana, where this boat rental service is offered, and from where boat trips depart that take you to the neighbouring coves, among which is Cala Fustam.


If you prefer to get to Cala Fustam through a bike route, it is also possible. It is recommended that you take your bikes in the car and that you leave the car in the Es Migjorn Gran area to, from that point, start your bike route to Cala Escorxada.

You can leave your bicycle with a padlock tied to a tree because the coming section is recommended to be done on foot. After all, it is an unstable terrain.

trees cala fustam menorca

How looks Cala Fustam?

Cala Fustam is possibly the most lost and hidden cove in the area of the south coast of Menorca. It is a rugged beach to access on foot and by bike, although many visitors access it this way. It is located within ANEI Me 13, a Natural Area of Special Interest on the island of Menorca.

Cala Fustam is considered the little sister of Cala Escorxada, since its appearance is very similar, but it is smaller, barely 25 meters wide. It is a perfect cove for those who want a day at the beach in solitude, because it is not usual to find people spending the day there.

It is a beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters, like others in the south of Menorca. It is common to see some Posidonia in the sand at certain times of the year when the wind pushes residual remains in the form of algae towards the coast.

It is a beach with no protection against the southerly winds, so it is not highly recommended to take an excursion to virgin beaches like this on windy days. Instead, check the weather forecast in advance to guarantee a calm and pleasant day in Cala Fustam.

Reasons to visit Cala Fustam

Cala Fustam is one of the coves in the south of Menorca that is a must for lovers of hidden and little-explored places.

It is a small beach, but perfect for relaxing in the sun with family or friends with no other company than the pine forests and the sea waves. It is a quiet spot, one of the most recommended for those who want to avoid crowded tourist areas.

On this beach, as on almost any other beach in Menorca, you can enjoy the area's rich marine life. But, of course, you have to take some snorkelling goggles and take a dip to inspect and surprise yourself with the marine fauna. Of course, the idea is that you approach the sides of the beach, next to the rocks, where there is usually a greater diversity.

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