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Beaches near Mahón, Menorca

Even though there are no beaches in the city of Mahón; In its surroundings, there are spectacular coves that you should not miss. In less than 15 minutes by car, you can be on any of its beaches.

Where are the nearest beaches of Mahón? Capital of Menorca

Near Mahón, there are a large number of coves and beaches. If you stay in the capital of Menorca, you have the same distance to the northern coasts and the ones on the south of Menorca.

Depending on the wind, you can choose between one or the other.

We recommend the ones in the north as they are usually virgin beaches and are less occupied by bathers.

However, those in the south retain a magical turquoise blue, and generally, their access is much easier as they have parking spaces.

We recommend that you see our list of the best coves near Mahón. They all have their charm, and you shouldn't miss any if you visit the island and stay in the capital.

9. Ses Olles, turquoise waters

ses olles mahon menorca

Ses Olles or Cala fondó is located just 10 kilometers far away from Mahón. It can be reached comfortably both by car and by bus.

Indeed, when you arrive, you will be impressed by how turquoise its waters are. The fish usually approach the bathers; curiously, the fish are very friendly in this spot.

It has no sand; it is a rocky bay with several stone platforms to stretch out. You can jump into the sea from almost anywhere and then climb its comfortable stairs.

8. Cala Rafalet beach

rafalet cove beach mahon

Cala Rafalet is a tiny cove in the urbanization of s'Algar, in the south of Maó. A beautiful oak surrounds this beach and gives you shade in summer. The road from the town is only 12 minutes, and it is gorgeous.

Take some snorkelling goggles! This cove is full of fish and underwater caves.

7. The beach of Binibèquer

binibeca menorca beach

Binibèquer is a trendy beach on the south of the capital, in the direction of San Luis. It is one of the most complete and paradisiacal beaches on the island. A multitude of services such as kayak and paddle renting is available in this fantastic crystalline sea.

It has a beach bar on the shore, so bringing food from home will not be necessary. Nearby, there are multiple points of interest, such as Bambú Menorca and the Pueblo de pescadores de Binibéquer or fishing village.

6. Cala Mongofre, remote for very beautiful!

mongofre beach mahon

Mongofre is a paradise beach located between high cliffs in an unspoilt forest. You can quickly get there by boat or route through Cami de Cavalls from Favaritx or Addaia. In both cases, you will have to walk for about an hour.

Its waters are of a celestial hue, very transparent. It hardly has algae, and undoubtedly, what stands out the most about this place are its dunes. It has the giant dunes in Menorca!

5. The beach of Sa Mesquida, in the north

sa mesquida near mahon menorca

Sa Mesquida beach is very close to Mahón; specifically, only 7 km separate them by bus line 24. This beautiful beach has practical parking 300 meters from the beach. It is pretty significant, so you should not have a problem finding a parking lot.

The ends of the beach are nudist. So don't panic if you see naked people sunbathing. It is normal!

4. Es Grau beach, a good option near Mahón for kids.

es grau menorca

Not far from Mahón, you have Es Grau Beach. It is a perfect family beach to go with the little ones in the family. We recommend it since you have to walk a lot to the horizon for having deep water.

A bus stop near the beach connects you with Mahón on line 23. If you go by car, you will have no problem because the parking lot is quite large.

It also has good restaurants if you want to stay for lunch. Specifically, we recommend Can Bernadet and Bar des Moll.

It has a lonely beach very close!

Cala en Vidrier is a 10-minute walk from the main beach and is a good option if you see many people. It is pretty small but highly recommended if you want to snorkel. There is a lot of fish!

3. If the north wind blows, Punta Prima

punta prima menorca

Suppose you are unlucky enough to be in Mahón on a tramontana day. Very close, you have the south coast, where there are beautiful beaches such as Playa de Binibeca or Playa de Punta Prima.

Specifically, this last one has many services and a large parking lot, so it is a great option to take a quick dip.

2. Cala Tortuga, attractive and at the same time close to Mahón.

cala tortuga mahon

Cala Tortuga is undoubtedly one of the best beaches near Mahón; it is in the surroundings of the Favaritx Lighthouse and one of the best coves in Mahón.

It is in the north of the island, between the beach of Es Grau and the port of Addaia and only 15 kilometres from Mahón.

In high season, it can only be accessed by bus from the capital since its parking is minimal and only opens in the low season. Here you can check the bus schedules if you go in summer.

The beach is fabulous and virgin , without buildings of any kind. We must go prepared to spend the day and bring enough water if you go in summer since you will not have any service.

Since you are there...

Cala Presili is right next door and is also worth a visit. It is closer to the lighthouse and less exposed to the north wind. In addition, its blue waters are ideal for a good photo session.

1. It is Caló Blanc, without a doubt the best beach near Mahón

es calo blanc beach mahon

Es Caló Blanc is located just 13 kilometres from Mahón and is an excellent option if there is a north wind since its soft rocks and cliffs protect it.

This cove has become very famous in recent years for its crystalline turquoise waters; at the height of other paradisiacal places such as the Caribbean or Bali, Es Caló Blanc has nothing to envy them.

We recommend going to this cove near Mahón in the morning and early since it tends to fill up quickly in July and August , so if you want to ensure a good place on its rocky platforms, you will have to wake up early.

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