Where are the nearest beaches of Mahón? Capital of Menorca

There are a lot of beaches near mahón, probably the ones on the North of Menorca, are the nearest you have. Used to be less built, but i’s a bit more tricky to achieve parking if you go with your vehicle.

We will tell you from menorca-playas.com the nearest beaches of Mahón

1. Sa Mesquida, in the North

sa mesquida near mahon menorca

Sa Mesquida Beach is just 7 kilometres from Mahón. This wonderful beach has good parking just 300 meters away. It’s big enough, so you shouldn’t have problems to park in case you go early. The extremes of the beach, are nudist, so not be scared of seeing naked people there. Also, there’ is a small hill called Es Pa Gros next to the beach, which is easy to scale. Remember to take a picture from the top.

Es Grau, also in the North of the Island

es grau menorca

Not very far from Sa Mesquida, you have Es Grau Beach. A familiar and long swimming place to have fun with the youngest of the Family. Is recommended because the water is very shallow.

Good parking, and some incredible restaurants if you want to eat there.

Punta Prima Beach, in the south

Only 13 kilometres from Mahón we have Punta Prima Beach, a very touristic and famous beach, in the south of the island. It has a lot of services, so you shouldn'’t be worried, you are not going to be bored there.

So what beach you have to choose near Mahon?

The main reason for choose one beach or another is the wind. If it blows for the North, goes to the south, the same upside down.

You are lucky! Mahón is just in the centre, so both options are close.