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Es Grau beach, best option to go with children in Menorca

Es Grau is a beautiful town north of Mahón. If you go with kids, it has a perfect beach since the water barely covers it. Good food and fun are guaranteed!

Es Grau, the best beach for kids in Menorca

If you're looking for a charming and off-the-beaten path village to explore in Menorca, be sure to check out Es Grau. This small town is located on the north coast of the island, and it's home to a lovely beach as well as some pretty things to do. Stop by for a visit – you won't regret it!

The small village of Es Grau has all the amenities you'll need for a comfortable stay just 7 kilometres from Mahón.

This is the perfect place to take it easy and relax while your kids play on shore. The water here barely covers, so there's plenty of sand for them to explore in their own way!

It's an easy-going spot!

The best beaches are not always in the most remote places. In fact, if you want some of Menorca's finest seashore scenery with an unbeatable view at any time, you should consider Es Grau Beach. It's easy to go as it has a regular bus line from Mahón and a huge parking near the shore.

Once on the town, you just need to walk a couple of meters until a small wooden bridge – Yes, there are bridges in Menorca.

This small bridge crosses the small river that reaches the only natural park in Menorca: Albufera d'Es Grau Park. Once you cross it, you will be already in the beach.

How is Es Grau beach?

The Es Grau beach is long and divided into two sectors. The first section measures 400 meters, while the second about 120 meters, giving a total length of 520 Meters!

The width of the beach varies depending on what year it is, but in general, you can expect a measurement around 30-40 meters.

Es Grau beach is the perfect place to go with family and children because it's safe. The water here isn't very deep, which means you will need to walk a lot to can swim.

A couple of notes:

  • The small mountain that divides the beach in two parts is known as Sa Penyota or Roca d'es Marbers. You could climb it and take a remarkable landscape pic from the top!
  • Don't be angry if you find algae. With the summer, some companies remove it from the shore, but sometimes the algae appears again. If this is your case, walk until the end of the beach or reach a very close beach called Cala En Vidrier.
es grau beach in menorca

What to do in Es Grau? 5 plans!

Es Grau is a small village with clear blue water that's great for children and families alike. Apart from being the perfect spot to take it easy, there are many activities available in this area like exploring its shores or taking boat expeditions.

5. Kayak rental for a unique experience

There are not many ways to enjoy the beach and explore nearby islands without having any commitment. One of them is renting kayaks or canoes for as little time period that you want , which ever suits your schedule best!

In Es Grau beach and in the dock you will find a Kayak company that offers renting. The price goes from €10 for the individual kayak (per hour), and €17 for the double one. However, if you take many hours, they offer a discount!

That's a great plan if you want to enjoy your holiday day with your family or your couple. You will discover wonderful places like the Colom Island or Baix d'es Pas area. Incredible spots where you can only go by the sea.

4. Explore a virgin beach, only 12' walk!

If you decide to Es Grau during a summer Sunday, you probably will find the beach completely crowd. What should you do? – Well, walk until a secret beach which used to be lonely and is only 1 kilometre far away.

Cala en Vidrier is a hidden gem and an excellent alternative to the main beach. The water here looks crystal clear, unlike at other beaches where you can see straight down into its deepness! Plus, it's not too crowded; this means more space for everyone who wants to enjoy themselves in these perfect summer days.

To arrive here, you will need to walk around 12 minutes to the north across Camí de Cavalls.

Follow the path and you will reach Favàritx!

Hiking is one of the best ways to experience Menorca and Es Grau , and if you want a great workout, this hike will not disappoint.

The hike to the Favàritx Lighthouse from here is not an easy one, but it's worth every step. The views during the trekking are stunning.

That way, you will see other lonely beaches such as Cala Rambles or Cala Tortuga.

Another alternative on the opposite side...

Instead of going to the beach, you should go to the top parking of Es Grau. You will see a small stone wall on the right side with the entrance.

If you follow this path, in 10 minutes you will reach Cala Avellana , a petite cove with a tiny pier. This place has many fish, and it's always empty of people.

3. Visit its charming village

es grau village menorca

Es Grau town is absolutely breathtaking! From the white houses to narrow streets, there is no shortage of beauty here.

It's a perfect escape from bustling crowds and loud noises elsewhere on Menorca. It's small, so you will be able to visit it in 15 or 20 minutes; undoubtedly a mandatory stop if you plan to go to the beach.

Don't forget the small port!

The town of Es Grau has a long history with the sea. You can see this tradition in the harbour, which has many llauts *(small traditional boats from Menorca). *

Some of them are still fishing, all the surroundings have many species like the Grouper fish or Dentex. If you go early, you will see fishers coming back home with many fish and species for the local restaurants.

Services in Es Grau

Es Grau beach has lifeguards at the beginning and middle of the vigilance tower.

There's a kayak rental company, so you can rent a kayak per hour if you want to do some sport. That's an excellent opportunity for a good forecast day because the surroundings are fantastic. There's no better alternative to exploring than by the sea.

If there's a lot of seaweed on the shore, walk until the end of the beach. Then, there will probably be less. Weirdly, this happens in summer, as companies used to extract the algae before the summer.

Don't miss a visit to Es Grau village.

Es Grau is one of the villages that are more conserved in Menorca. There are the typical white houses of one or two flats with white roofs.

es grau village menorca

Depending on the picture, it can be confused with the fisher's village of Binibequer. Es Grau is so small, so you can easily visit it in less than 20 minutes, so it's a mandatory visit if you go to its beach.

It has four restaurants, where you can appreciate amazing views and taste incredible dishes of local gastronomy. Three of them are at the begging of the village, and the last one is in Es Grau dock. From there, you can see, depending on the time, how still old fishers come back from the sea with great big catches.

Also, there's a small supermarket if you have any urgency. It's in the street behind Can Bernadet Restaurant.

Visiting Colom Island is impressive.

illa den colom es grau menorca

You can go to the Illa d'en Colom from the Es Grau port. You can book a taxi boat that will take you to the island and pick you up when you agree with the captain. With the landscape you see, you will believe you are not in Spain; it is an even cheaper option than renting a kayak for a whole day.

illa den colom es grau beach menorca

Colom Island was bought in 2018 for 4 million euros by businessman Victor Madera. Although the island's middle is private, all their beaches and shores are public. So, you are not going to have any problem enjoying them.

The main beaches on the island are:

  • Tamarells Beach. It is the closest to Es Grau; it has many trees, so that's a pretty ideal option if you are looking for some shadows to relax.
  • Arenal d'en Moro. That's the beach on the north of Colom's Island. It is by far the nicest, with fantastic water.

If you go in summer, you will find the relaxation missed at Es Grau beach on these coves. And also see a unique and virgin landscape in the north of Menorca.

You can rent a kayak or a boat if the weather is good. You are even going paddling because it is not far away. You can rent it on the beach.

There's also a company in the centre of the beach which departs on the harbour.

Made a walk around Albufera d'es Grau

Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve. Menorcan people are focused on the preservation of nature. In the natural park of Es Grau, it's appreciated. It's an area north of Mahon that goes from Es Grau to Favaritx.

albufera park es grau menorca

Inside this park and very close to the beach, there's the Albufera. It's a fantastic place with a pleasant ecosystem that allows birds to increase. But, unfortunately, most of them were almost in extinction danger some time ago.

From Es Grau, we can go from two places.

  • You can park your vehicle at the begging of Es Grau and walk in the road direction of Mahón. Two hundred meters on the right side, you will see an entrance.
  • The second option is to go from the beach. After the small hill, a small path crosses a dune system.

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