es grau beach, in menorca

Es Grau beach, best option to go with children in Menorca.

Sand beach
Easy access
North beach

Es Grau is a beautiful town north of Mahón. It has a perfect beach if you go with children since the water barely covers it. Good food and fun are guaranteed!

Es Grau beach, in Menorca

Es Grau Beach is 7km away from Mahón. It's a mandatory beach if you go to Menorca with children, cause you will have to go so far to find deep water. So that's an excellent point to enjoy a relaxing day on the beach.

The beach itself begins in the village. There's friendly parking where you can park your car close to the beach. You have to cross a small bridge, and we will be there. It's very long, and it has a small hill in the middle. Why not go to the top to take a nice selfie? It's only for 2 minutes!

es grau beach near the village

Services in Es Grau

Es Grau beach has some lifeguards at the beginning and in the middle on the vigilance tower.

There's a kayak renting company there, so you can rent it per hour if you want to do some sport. That's a good option if there's good weather because the surroundings are fantastic. There's no better option to explore than by the sea.

If there's a lot of seaweed on the shore, walk until the end of the Cala. Then, probably there will be less there. Weirdly this happens in summer, as companies used to remove the algae before the summer.

Don't miss a visit to Es Grau village.

Es Grau is one of the villages that are more conserved in Menorca. There are the typical white houses of one or two flats with white roofs.

es grau village menorca

Depending on the picture, it can be confused with the fisher's village of Binibequer. Es Grau is so small, so we can easily visit it in less than 20 minutes, so it's a mandatory visit if you go to its beach.

It has four restaurants, where you can enjoy amazing views and taste incredible dishes of local gastronomy. Three of them are at the begging of the village, and the last one is in Es Grau harbour. From there, you can see, depending on the time, how still old fishers come back from the sea with great big catches.

Also, there's a small supermarket, in case we have any urgency. It's in the street behind Can Bernadet Restaurant.

Visiting Colom Island is impressive.

Colom island menorca

From the same Es Grau harbour, some small boats bring people to the island in summer. So why not stay for a day there? The service is similar to the taxi so that we won't have problems staying one that on the island.

Colom Island was bought in 2018 for 4 million euros to businessman Victor Madera. Although the interior of the island is private, all their beaches and shores are public. So we are not going to have any problem enjoying them.

The main beaches on the island are:

  • Tamarells Beach. It is the closest to Es Grau; it has a lot of trees, so that's a pretty excellent option if you are looking for some shadows to relax.
  • Arenal d'en Moro. That's the beach on the north of Colom's Island. It is by far the nicest, with fantastic water.

If you go in the whole summer, you will find the relaxation missed in Es Grau beach on these beaches. And also see a unique and virgin landscape in the north of Menorca.

If the weather is good, you can rent a kayak or a boat. You are even going paddling because it is not far away. You can rent it on the beach.

There's also a company in the centre of the beach which departures on the harbour.

Made a walk around Albufera d'es Grau

Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve. Menorcan people are focused on the protection of nature. In the natural park of Es Grau, it's appreciated. It's an area on the north of Mahon that goes from Es Grau to Favaritx.

es grau natural park

Inside this park and very close to the beach, there's the Albufera. It's a fantastic place with a pleasant ecosystem that allows the increase of birds. But, unfortunately, most of them were almost in extinction danger some time ago.

From Es Grau, we can go from two places.

  • You can park your vehicle at the begging of Es Grau and walk in the road direction of Mahón. Two hundred meters on the right side, you will see an entrance.
  • The second option is to go from the beach. After the small hill, there's a small path that crosses a dune system.
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