punta prima beach menorca

Punta Prima beach, in Menorca

Punta Prima is an urban beach on the south coast of the island. If you are looking for multiple services and accommodations, do not hesitate to visit the urbanization.

Punta Prima Beach, a lovely place for your Holidays in Menorca

The beach of Punta Prima is one of the most popular beaches near Sant Lluís. It's an urban beach with many hotels and apartments. However, it is beautiful and clean, with very transparent turquoise water.

The spot itself it's oriented to tourism, primarily British. This urbanization is complete and crowded during the summer. On the other hand, only local people live there in winter.

punta prima beach menorca

Punta Prima has many services

Cala Punta Prima is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for many services in an area that has everything anyone could need during their holiday.

The beach is a great place to unwind and enjoy the scenery. There are plenty of restaurants, bars nearby, so you can socialize with friends or family while enjoying some delicious food!

If an active day at sea sounds better than lounging by land-based activities all evening, then take note because there's even a water park available too - perfect for those warm summer days when everyone needs fun in their life.

It has bars but...

The lack of nightlife in Punta Prima is highlighted by the fact that there are no bars open after midnight. However, you can take a cab or bus to one of the party areas of the island, like Cala en Porter.

How beautiful is the beach?

punta prima beach menorca

Many people book their holidays in Menorca and ends up in Punta Prima, a coast town with many hotels and villas.

Some of them could ask themselves, *and how is the beach? *– It's spectacular, with turquoise water! It measures 200 meters long per 40 meters height; very similar to other beaches in this area, like Binibeca Beach.

We recommend going early in the morning if you are in high season. Punta Prima tends to fill up quickly, as it is an easy-to-go beach.

It's a perfect beach to go with kids

Because of the tourism influx, it has many accommodations such as Hotels, Apartments and villas. It has some of the best hotels in Menorca , like the Insotel (5 stars).

A part of this, it's considered the best place in Menorca to stay with kids , as it offers many activities for the youngest ones of the family.

Punta Prima has a unique island!

punta prima beach aire island

Another good thing about this beach is that it has an island called Isla del Aire, it's the second-biggest island in Menorca. We recommend renting a kayak on the beach and crossing there. You have to take care because probably there's a lot of maritime traffic.

The island is rocky, and without much vegetation, you will enjoy the extraordinary landscape of Punta Prima Beach at the bottom, with beautiful turquoise seawater.

A fantastic plan to do at this point is a Paddle Surf trip to explore Punta Prima's Island, so you will see all the spectacular atmosphere and some remarkable turquoise landscapes.

In addition, you can see an indigenous animal on this island, which is unique in the world, a black lizard, also known as Sargantana Negre in Menorca.

Do you know why the water is so blue?

The water in this lake is so clear and turquoise because there is an algae that oxygenates the sea. It's called Posidonia Oceánica; it's illegal to damage it, so be careful if you are anchoring your boat.

The 3 best plans to do in Punta Prima

Punta Prima beach is a great place to go with children or family. It's not just ideal for those going on holiday, but also enjoyable even if you're looking only relaxing time away from stressors like work!

Here are three different activities that will surely fit into your vacations and make them complete - so read more about these fun activities below...

3. Visit the Water Park

punta prima water park splash

The Punta Prima water park offers a wide variety of fun activities for children and adults. From slides to pools, fountains that shoot streams up in the air like bubbles - it's almost too much!

It's known as Splash, and is one of the best water parks in Menorca; it's located just in front of Hotel Sur Menorca.

For those looking for a good time with the family in Punta Prima, there's no better place than this local water park. With plenty of fun activities and attractions, it will be an afternoon not forgotten by anyone!

2. Rent a Kayak and do a trip with your family or friends!

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the turquoise waters of Punta Prima. You'll be able to see what it's like from both top-side (in your own kayak) or below while paddling through clear water with pristine views!

You can even stop at secluded coves along this wild journey, where wildlife often gather to watch.

The best part of this activity is that you can do it by your own, don't forget to book in advance this fantastic kayak tour in Punta Prima town.

However, it's better to go with a local guide, as he will show you some of the most secret coves and corners of this coast.

1. Visit the different View Points

Punta Prima is a very flat area; however, it has many great viewpoints only known by local people.

We recommend you to visit Punta dels Marbres viewpoint, on the south-west side of the beach. It has incredible views and some fantastic small coves where you can swim and snorkel.

It's a great choice if you are looking for a more quiet place inside the crowded Punta Prima.

How to go to Punta Prima Beach

how to get to punta prima menorca

Getting to Punta Prima is easy! With its accessible location and well-signposting , you won't have any problems at all. There are 3 ways of going to Punta Prima.

3. Punta Prima by Car - Motorbike

To get to Punta Prima by car, take the ME-8 and turn off past Sant Lluis towards Punta Prima road. The road is very well signposted, so you can't lose your way!

When you arrive at this beautiful beach village in Menorca south-east corner - don’t worry about finding parking because there are plenty available next to the beach.

Distances to Punta Prima are:

  • 56 minutes from Ciutadella.
  • 20 minutes from Mahón.
  • 15 minutes from Sant Lluís.

2. Punta Prima by Bus

There's no need to head out into traffic on your way back home because this small town is well connected via public transportation with Mahón and Sant Lluís bus stop; hourly buses arrive during summer months (check schedules).

1. Through Camí de Cavalls

The Camí de Cavalls is an easy-to-follow path that circles Menorca, taking you along its coastline. There are several ways to get there from Punta Prima - two of which lead right up next door!

From Cala Alcaufar or Biniancolla it's just a short walk through flat terrain with views out over the Mediterranean Sea as well as small coves where kids can explore while adults enjoy some rest time together.

The most beautiful beaches in Menorca are undoubtedly those found on the north-eastern side, but Punta Prima offers many services and is an ideal place to take a dip. It has shallow water that will be perfect for kids who want something more gentle than crashing waves at their feet!

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