ses olles menorca beach

Ses Olles, wonderfull cala on the south of Menorca

Turquoise water
Rocky beach
Easy access
South beach

Ses Olles is a secret cove near Sant Lluís. Neither signposted on the signs. Without a doubt, don't forget a diving mask because the fish seem like they are going to eat you.

If you are near Binibeca, don't miss this cala

Cala Ses Olles or Cala Fondó is one of the most secrets but by the way accessible beaches of Menorca. It's very near to Binibeca Beach. It's a highly recommended place to practise snorkel because it's full of fish. We also recommended to take a scuba camera to bring home the experience. Also don't miss a diving goggles.

Sea bottom is mostly conformed by sand, except the coaster areas which are more rocky, with some black algae typical of Menorca, called Posidonia. The huge amount of sand and the sunlights becomes this cala an amazing sea contrast, with very turquoise waters. This is a unique cala in Menorca.

Video recorded in 2019, Ses Olles

What about the Cala itself?

Cala Fondó or Ses Olles doesn't have sand. It's a fully rocky cala, although it's not the most uncomfortable of Menorca. It has some flat platforms where you can relax and take a dip. It has a bathing ladder that mades easier to go out the water. From the point of view on kids, it's very recommended cause Ses Olles has some buoys that avoid boats get closer to bathers, so we can swim quiet.

ses olles menorca sky view

Sky view Ses Olles

How to go to Ses Olles?

To arrive to Ses Olles, we should go from Sant Lluis - Mahón to Binibéquer. Once we are in Binibequer we should go to the 'Pueblo de Pescadores' or fisher village direction to Binisafuller. Turn left on third detour on Passeig del Mar Street. On the left side we will see Cala ses Olles.

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