cala en vidrier beach menorca

Cala en Vidrier beach, in Es Grau

Cala en Vidrier is undoubtedly a great alternative to the main beach of Es Grau. The sea is deep and more crystalline. Moreover, it offers a spectacular panoramic view of the town.

Cala en Vidrier, is the Es Grau alternative

The orientation makes Cala en Vidrier one of the few northern beaches that face south. As a result, this cove makes the sea perfect despite blowing Tramontana (north wind). Being in Es Grau bay makes this beach highly recommended, even if it is windy.

It is a virgin beach.

Cala en Vidrier beach is a virgin beach in Menorca. Although it has a tiny house that belongs to local anglers, it is the only building on the beach. This house can be lovely because it has a good porch where you can stay some minutes to rest from the hot sun.

cala en vidrier menorca beach

It's not frequent to see many people on the beach; most of the bathers used to stay at Es Grau Beach, which is bigger and recommended for children. However, Cala en Vidrier is not only for adults, children will enjoy a lot on the beach and the shore. The only problem is the access, as you need to walk approximately 1200 meters from Es Grau village.

How to arrive at Cala en Vidrier Beach

Access is relatively easy from Mahón - Fornells road; you must take the first road junction from Mahón, about one kilometre from the city. Once there, you will need to continue 5 kilometres more to arrive.

Parking in Es Grau

It used to be difficult on July and August weekends, so we recommend going early in the morning. You will find small parking just in front of the beach, although if you don't see a place there, you can try to go to the Football field, which has more parking areas.

A nice path to the beach across Camí de Cavalls

Once you are at the start of the beach, you will need to cross a small bridge over the small river of the Albufera des Grau and then walk until the end of the beach following Cala en Vidrier & Favaritx indications.

path cala en vidrier menorca

After, you will need to climb a small hill where you will see a fantastic view of the beach and Es Grau village. Don't miss taking a picture. After that, walk until going down a small path which arrives at Cala en Vidrier Beach.

The route is easy, but you should be careful not to trip off because there are many stones at the end of the path. The terrain will become rocky until we reach the forest. We recommend not going barefoot.

What can you do in Cala en Vidrier?

If you like trekking, you can make a stretch of Camí de Cavalls, departing from the beach. You will see amazing landscapes and choose between going to Sa Torreta or Cala Solitaria. Both are amazing beaches that won't let us down. Generally, the surroundings of the Natural Park of Albufera des Grau are lovely.

cala en vidrier es grau village

One of the best things you can do on that beach is snorkelling. We recommend you take some diving goggles and fins to explore the area near the beach. It used to be rocky with some algae areas with excellent marine fauna.

A perfect plan would be to rent a kayak in Es Grau; with that option, you will discover Cala en Vidrier and visit Colom Island, the most oversized island of Menorca.

There aren't services or restaurants.

If you want to spend the entire day on that beach, you should take enough food and water. Unfortunately, there aren't restaurants or other services on the beach itself.

Fortunately, only 1100 meters from Cala en Vidrier, you can taste unique Menorca dishes in Es Grau restaurants.

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