In the north of Menorca, there is Cala Pregonda, an amazing beach which has been in the ranking's of best beaches of the world. Snorkel and sunbathing are totally recommended activities to do.

Cala Pregonda

If you enjoy the beach, surely you like to find these in perfect conditions and for that, Menorca is one of those places where you can do it. In the north of Menorca, there is Cala Pregonda, a beach where the visitor, keeps a great memory of it. Also, it’s especially recommended by all the habitants of Menorca. It’s a very special beach, different from the rest that you can find in Menorca. If you want to know this beach a little bit more, do not miss everything we will tell you below.

Cala Pregonda, a very special beach

Cala Pregonda is a very special beach, there’s a couple of reasons cause of that. The first thing which is gonna surprise you is the red sand. It becomes the beach into a very particular one, seems like we are on another continent. In fact, it’s far from mostly of beaches in Menorca.

cala pregonda en menorca

It seems that being far from all the places is inconvenient, however, it becomes this beach into a very special one, thanks to its reddish sand and its remoteness. It’s practically virgin, with no building, except for three small houses which are behind the hill.

The reddish sand and the surroundings, becomes this beach into a very special place.

Despite being remote or may seem a bit exotic due to the particularities of it, this beach is very popular in summer, which is a shame, it steals part of the charm that the beach has itself.

The area that surrounds the beach, becomes it into a more interesting option, since it has a large dune system behind it, you will be able to find the necessary privacy on the banks of it, and we are not gonna be stressed with so many bathers.

The benefits of Cala Pregonda, go beyond its landscape or reddish sand, it has crystal clear waters. These crystalline waters allow bathers to enjoy a much cleaner bath and also invite them to dive into them all the time. Besides, it’s especially interesting that the water is so clean, to perform all kinds of diving activities. Snorkeling is quite popular in the area, because, thanks to the cleanliness of the waters, it is possible to enjoy underwater fauna much better.

Cala Pregonda is located within the protected areas of the Marine Reserve of northern Menorca. Thanks to this protection, many species find the area and the nearby islets as a perfect place to settle, so these underwater activities become more important.

Tips to know before visiting Cala Pregonda.

If you have found Cala Pregonda as an interesting place to visit, you must have these considerations when carrying out your visit. First, try to check the weather in advance, since, if there is a significant swell, you cannot enjoy bathing in its waters. The second condition is a bit related to the first. By being so far away from cities and villages, you will not find services or accommodations near Cala Pregonda. For this reason and not to make a trip in vain, it is important to make sure there’s good a good forecast.

How to get to Cala Pregonda?

If you have checked the weather forecast and it’s fine, we are gonna explain how to get to Cala Pregonda.

In this case, the best way to get there is to walk from the beach of Binimel.là, which is 10 kilometers from Es Mercadal, in the north of Menorca. In Binimel.là beach, we will have a parking lot, which does not exist in Cala Pregonda, so we can leave our car there and carry out a walk of 30 minutes approximately, since the distance between the two beaches since it’s only 2 kilometers away. The road is simple and does not report any problem. You can take advantage of it to enjoy the privileged environment in which you find yourself and take the opportunity to sunbathe a little bit.