Cala Pudent is an amazing beach in the North of the Island, close to Son Parc. It's a very good alternative to the main beach if it's full of people and we want to enjoy a lonely beach in Menorca.

Visit Cala Pudent

Cala Pudent is a small beach located in Son Parc, 15 kilometres away from Es Mercadal. To arrive by car we can easily park in the village and do a small 15 minutes walk along a path until the beach. You will need to cross Son Parc Beach.

Its capacity is limited, so it cannot fill many people in there. Thus, it's not very famous, and people don't use to go there unless in the summer months. (July and August).

So if you want to visit Cala Pudent and enjoy the white and fine sand, we recommend visiting it in June or September.

A very nice beach

Surroundings of the cala are totally virgin, without constructions, in very fairly flat terrain, with some trees that can give us some shade during summer days. Its orography is typical of the North of Menorca, with small cliffs from where we can jump in the water.

It has other calas very near

cala pudent beach

You will need to pass through Macar de Cala Pudent before arriving at the beach. This area doesn't have sand; it has small grey stones, which are very flat. It's not the most comfortable place, but a recommended one if the main beach of Cala Pudent is full of people. We can enjoy a very lonely beach in Menorca.

Diving in Cala Pudent

A very common opinion about cala Pudent is that it's an awesome beach for diving and doing snorkel. It has huge marine sand areas with grasslands of Oceanic Posidonia, which made that place perfect for seeing fish and water life. Don't miss diving goggles.

Lunch on the beach

As it doesn't have any bar or lifeguard, if we want to stay for a day in this magical place of Menorca, we would need to bring our own food. However, we can also visit Son Parc which is not far away and it has a lot of bars and restaurants.

Arenal de s'Olla or Son Saura.

If we follow the path which goes to Cala Pudent, we will be in a very nice area known as Arenal de s'Olla or Son Saura. We must not confuse this beach with the one near Macarella and Turqueta, in Ciutadella.

Pudent with dogs

Legally is not defined, but socially this beach used to accept dogs and pets in the sand. So don't miss your best friend if you visit the cala.