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The Favàritx Lighthouse, in Menorca!

If you're considering visiting Menorca, note that the Favàritx Lighthouse is one-of-a-kind. It's an incredible spot to take photos and enjoy the north coast views.

The Favàritx Lighthouse is a must-see for any visitor to Menorca. Located very close to Cala Tortuga and Presili, it offers unparalleled views of the entire north coast - perfect if you're looking for taking some scenic photographs!

favaritx lighthouse

The Favàritx Lighthouse is a beautiful, yet functional structure. Built in 1868 and characterized by its white light at the top that helps ships navigate during nighttime hours.

Since its automation (in the 90s) became unnecessary to turn on the tiny light manually every night. «We said tiny because the powerful light shine is produced by all the huge mirrors and glasses that act as a magnifying glass»

How is Favàritx Lighthouse?

The lighthouse is a small, low building attached to an impressive 27-meter high tower. The stripes are white and black on all of the tower. 

Regarding its light, it emits a flash every 15 seconds intermittently and is visible up to almost 20 miles from Favàritx Cape. This means that it can be seen from all the beaches of Mahón.

This Lighthouse is far from the civilization!

The Favàritx Lighthouse is a very touristic place these days, but its location makes it an important landmark for ships sailing along the north coast of Menorca.

All the area has many dangerous rocks for sailing, such as s'Illot d'en Tortuga, a very tiny island in Arenal de Morella bay.

How to get to Favàritx Lighthouse...

There are several ways of going to Favaritx, but, the most important thing you should know is that going by car is only allowed in winter. 

Favàritx by Car:

If you're going to Favaritx by car, have it in mind that you can only do it during winter. During the summer, the Capifort barrier is closed to private vehicles. However, that's a good thing, the lighthouse will not be very crowded.

To go by car, you will need to take the ME-7 road and turn right on the Favaritx Road or CF-1. It's a trip of 16 minutes from Mahón and 43 minutes from Ciutadella.

Favàritx by Bike

The bike route runs through some of the most beautiful landscapes on Menorca and gives you a chance to experience its natural beauty first-hand.

You can do the route Es Grau - Favàritx, you will need a mountain-bike good enough for the travel. It's an outstanding 2 hours trip until the Lighthouse.

Favàritx by Bus

Instead of taking a long walk or spending money on renting a boat, visitors that want to reach Favàritx can easily do it by bus from Mahón.

There are departures almost every hour between 09:00AM and 08:00PM every day during summer.

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