Cala Cavalleria is one of the nicest beaches of the north of Menorca and at the same time one of the favorites for the visitors. It has a huge sand area of over 500 meters long, perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

Cavalleria Beach, in the north of Menorca

Ferragut stumbling block divides the beach in two parts and made Cala Cavallería awesome. This feature is not only visual, even the sea bottoms of both parts of the cala are different. In this way, the sea bottom on the western is sandy and the western is full of rocks.

Another attractive element is the Cala Cavallería lighthouse. It's visible from the entire beach and gives an extra charm.

How to get to Cala Cavallería

Cala Cavallería is 30 kilometers far from Mahón, and only 10 kilometers away from Es Mercadal.

If you are in Mahón and you want to go with your car you need to take the road at the end of Mahon's Harbour, direction to Fornells. Once in Playas de Fornells roundabout, take the Tramontana path and get the last road detour. You will start seeing the nice Cavallería lighthouse.

In about 5 minutos you will end up in the free parking of the beach. The final path needs to be done doing a walk of 8 minutes. It's well indicated by wooden stairs that goes down the hill.

Public transport does not reach Cala Cavallería Beach [2020]. You have to keep in mind that you must arrive by your own means.

cala cavalleria beach menorca

Security in Cala Cavalleria

You need to know that Cala Cavallería is faced to north Menorca, due that, is not recommended to go in strong wind days. Check the weather before doing the trip to the beach to ensure there is good weather conditions.

The north wind may favor the appearance of jellyfish. Cala Cavallería used to have big and unsafe waves when there's strong north winds. If that's the case, it's recommended to go to a beach in the south.

It is a special natural place. It's important to follow the marked path to reach the beach. A good thing to avoid destroying the natural area that surrounds Cala Cavallería.

Mud baths have become very popular recently in Cala Cavalleria. This is caused by the clayey composition of the walls of the cliff. However, it is advisable not to do it, as this practice erodes the walls and can cause detachments. Also it affects a lot the natural environment.

Eat in Cala Cavallería

Cala Cavallería is a virgin beach. It has a parking lot and nothing more, in order to protect this natural space.

Therefore, in the lighthouse you will find a bar. It's recommended to bring your own food to enjoy this virgin beach as much as possible.


In this beach is easy to enjoy nature. Many people practice snorkel in the water. If it's not windy and there're not big waves it can be amazing.

There are people who surf in Cala Cavallería. During the summer the waves don't used to be huge. Therefore in winter is a recommended destination for surf. As mentioned earlier, the Tramontana wind affects the area and used to create big nice waves.

It is a beach with a very nice natural environment that you will be able to enjoy. If you like hiking you will find the Camí des Cavalls. An interesting path that will also take you to Cala Mica.

The path can be done in 10 minutes. Will allow you to discover the surroundings and reach this nice Cala that don't used to have many people.