cavallería lighthouse menorca

Cavallería Lighthouse, in Menorca!

Have you ever been to the Cavallería lighthouse? It's one of the best spots on the island for watching the sunset. The view from up there is absolutely wonderful, and it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. Make sure to go early though because it gets pretty crowded later in the afternoon!

The Cavallería Lighthouse is a must-see for any traveller headed to Menorca! It's located on the north side of this island, and its clifftop position offers amazing views. The lighthouse itself, it's in a huge cliff - nearly 100 meters tall (about 332 feet).

The Lighthouse was built in 1859!

Instagram-worthy? The Cavallería Lighthouse it's wonderful! It was built in 1859 and still operates today. This would make for the perfect addition to any list of places you should visit if travelling through Menorca on your way somewhere else or just looking something up because we know how much these posts tell us about what life used be like back then - before phones were invented...

Thanks to its height and the north strategical location, it was one of the most important lighthouses's in the Mediterranean Sea.

All the north coast of the Island is plenty of cliffs and dangerous rocks for boats. Even more dangerous if you sail with no gps in a stormy, dark night.

You will take the perfect pic!

Cavallería Lighthouse is one of the most attractive spots in Menorca. The building is over a rocky area and the light can be seen from many kilometres away.

Nowadays, the lighthouse is open to the public, and visitors can enjoy stunning views of this coastal area. In addition, it has a small bar where you could watch the Sunset with your favourite cocktail!

Our 3 tips before visiting it...

  • If your idea is to see the sunset in Cavallería Lighthouse , you must go at least one hour before. The road is tight and is plenty of cars during the summer. Could be tricky to find a place if you go just on time.
  • A nice plan to enjoy a day in Menorca, could be to spend the afternoon on Cavallería Beach which is nearby. That way, you will avoid visiting this area of Menorca twice.
  • A good tip is to visit the part behind the Lighthouse, that's where there are the best views and not many people know. Mostly of people remains on the same road near their car.

So if you're ever in Menorca and want to check out a really cool lighthouse, be sure to head over to Cavallería Lighthouse. And don't forget your camera – the views from the top are spectacular! Have you ever been to Cavallería Lighthouse? What did you think of it?