Colom Island, Menorca

Colom Island is the biggest island in Menorca. It's located close to Es Grau Village. A very nice white village, with a very recommended beach for children.

The island was from the Roca family and was sold in 2018 to businessman Victor Mader (3 Million €). The natural park of Es Grau and Menorca Biosphere Reserve becomes Colom Island in one of the most protected places in Menorca.

colom island menorca

What can we see in Colom Island?

Geographically, it has 59 hectares of terrain. The forest is mainly green, with different kinds of vegetation. Which becomes this place in one of the most virgin areas of Menorca.

Their beaches Arenal d'en Moro and Tamarells Beach have very fine sand, very strange compared with the beaches of the North of Menorca. Both beaches are located on the west of the Island, so it's protected from the hard wind of the North, called Tramuntana.

Mandatory visit to Colom Island.

If you want to visit Colom Island, you have several options:

  1. You can access swimming. The island is only 200 meters from Menorca, although you have to be worried, cause there's much maritime traffic. So we don't recommend this option.
  2. Kayak. It is probably the cheapest and simplest way to go. Menorca becomes a referent in that way, and you will find a lot of companies where you cant rent a kayak to enjoy the day.
  3. By Boat. That's the most comfortable way but at the same time the most expensive. In Es Grau harbour there is a boat taxi that can take you there in summer. Also, most of the big ports of Menorca have excursions that can take you also there.
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