drinking age in menorca

What's the drinking age in Menorca?

What's the minimum age for drinking alcohol in Menorca?

In Menorca and generally in Spain, the minimum age for drinking is 18 years old, but it's not just drinking.

In Menorca and in all Spain the minimum age to can drink alcohol is 18 years old.

There're a couple things you cannot do if you are younger a part of drinking.

  • You cannot buy tabaco, it's not weird if you look young that the owner ask for your ID to check your age. He can received a huge fine.
  • You can't rent a car. The minimum age for renting a car, is also the same. If you are at least 16, you will be able to rent a motorbike if you have the license.
  • Pubs? Well, it depends on the pub or club. But generally, you mustn't. For sure you will find one which allows you to go in. There're some where minimum age is 16.

If you're coming to Menorca, you don't need drinking to have fun. That's not like some parts of Majorca. It's totally different. Tourism here is more focuses in quality

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