Top 5 Beaches in Sant Lluis, Menorca.

5. Punta Prima Beach

punta prima beach sant lluis menorca

Punta Prima Beach is the closest beach of Sant Lluis, about 5 km away and also one of the most urban beaches in Menorca. It has a lot of fun options like restaurants and huge hotels. The beach itself has loungers service, lifeguard and kayak renting, a very good option to visit the Isla del Aire, which is just in front of the beach, and stands out for its nice lighthouse.

4. Binibeca Beach

binibeca beach menorca sant lluis

Not far away from Punta Prima, there is Binibeca Beach and Fisher's town. We can easily go from Sant Lluis but also from the south coast road which starts in Punta Prima. The beach is famous for its awesome turquoise waters and white sand. It's perfect to go with children, this is one of the best beaches in Menorca to go with children.

3. Binidalí Beach

binidali beach sant climent menorca

Binidalí Beach is the more to the west beach of Sant Lluis, it's located in a small bay which protects from hard north winds called Tramontana. We highly recommend going with time, because it's a very small beach. Easy access and a lot of parking options for our vehicle.

2. Ses Olles

cala ses olles in sant lluis, binibeca

Ses Olles Beach, it's located near Fisher's town of Binibeca. It has some flat platforms of stones as it doesn't have sand. For sure, it is the best beach of Menorca for diving, it's full of fish and we will be able to swim on amazing clean water, and take the best pictures.

1. Caló Blanc

es calo blanc beach sant lluis menorca

For sure, the best beach of Sant Lluis is Es Calo Blanc, it's the smallest beach in Menorca. Nowadays it becomes very famous because it's awesome turquoise waters. It only has 2 meters sand area, so unless we go very early, we are not gonna find a place to put the towel. Probably we will have to be around, on the rocks, where we can jump to its amazing waters. It's a good beach for jumping in Menorca.

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