cala trebaluger beach menorca

Cala Trebaluger, in Menorca

Cala Trebaluger is a beautiful cove in the south of Menorca; It is far from urbanization and is virgin. Its sand is white and very fine; it combines perfectly with its turquoise waters.

Activities near Cala Trebaluger

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Cala Trebaluger Beach

Cala Trebaluger is one of the best coves in the south of the island of Menorca. This cove is close to other well-known beaches, such as Cala Fustam or Cala Escorxada.

It is one of the best beaches in Menorca, thanks to its perfect state of conservation. Visiting the Trebaluger cove during a stay in Menorca can be one of the best experiences for any visitor.

This beach captures the attention of everyone who sees it and is the perfect place to go with friends and spread out your towel on the sand to enjoy a perfect day at the beach with a typical Mediterranean natural environment ideal for taking your best photos.

How to get to Cala de Trebaluger

Getting to Cala Trebaluger is not complicated, as there are different ways to access it. Arriving by land with a vehicle is not possible, but you can park nearby and arrive on foot after walking for a few minutes.

You can get there from Cala Mitjana, where you can leave your car in the car park and from Binigaus. Then, you have to walk along the coast until you reach Trebaluger, following the signs. On the way, you can enjoy the impressive views of the bay of Cala Mitjana, another of the most remarkable beaches in Menorca. Finally, when you get to Trebaluger, you have to cross a small river on foot, barely two meters wide.

To get to Cala de Trebaluger starting, for example, from Ferrerías, you must follow the path taking a detour to the left, which is the Cala Mitjana car park shortly before reaching Cala Galdana. In this car park, you can leave your vehicle, and there is usually space available even at times of the year with more tourism , as is usually July or August. You can also leave your car in the Sant Tomás car park and get to Cala de Trebaluger, passing through Binigaus.

Other options to get to Cala de Trebaluger

In addition to arriving by car and walking for a few minutes from the car park, you can also get to Cala de Trebaluger by boat. You can rent at other nearby beaches or by water taxis that take you to the different coves in the south of Menorca. However, the cost of this type of service is higher.

You can also get there by bike, although the journey is just 1.5 kilometres from the car park and it is not worth taking the bikes for it, so wear comfortable shoes and walk for a few minutes until you reach the beach.

How is Cala Trebaluger

Cala Trebaluger is an isolated beach and is considered one of the pearls of the south of the island of Menorca. With white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters , this beach represents what we all have in mind when we think of beaches in Menorca, with the difference from others in that it has a river that flows into the sea on the beach itself.

It is a beach with an approximate width of sand of about 140 meters and about 150 meters in height. Therefore, there is enough space to place your towel throughout the year, and you will not find any problems for you and your group, even if it is significant.

The water of a small river that flows from the area known as Barranc d'en Fideo, also known as Barranc de Trebalúger, flows into the beach. This river has experienced water pollution problems for some years, so the recommendation is not to use that water for drinking if necessary. Instead, take enough water to the beach and prevent children from drinking water from that river.

Why to visit Cala Trebaluger

Visiting Cala de Trebaluger can be one of the best experiences during your stay in Menorca. It is a virgin beach that is isolated , and therefore it is perfect for those looking for a quiet and little crowded place to enjoy a peaceful day at the beach in the Mediterranean. Furthermore, it is a fascinating beach for lovers of literature on the beach or for those who want an excellent nap in silence.

But it is also a lovely beach to take pictures , snorkel, and discover the exciting underwater fauna of the area or even follow the river's course upwards using some rowing boat, such as mattresses or kayaks, which are usually in the area. A beach that leaves no one indifferent and, although it is not provided with services, allows you to enjoy a day in style by the Mediterranean Sea.