Enjoy Cala Tortuga, near Favaritx, in Menorca

Cala Tortuga Beach is one of the most awesome beaches in Menorca. Near the Favaritx lighthouse, it has very clean and transparent water, which becomes it in the desired beach for tourist and local people.

Visit Cala Tortuga

Cala Tortuga is probably one of the most unknown calas in northern Menorca, it is between Es Grau and Addaia, in the bay of the well known Faro de Favaritx.

This beach is located inside the natural park of the Albufera des Grau, so the protection of the area is high, and we will find a virgin area.

How to go to Cala Tortuga

Before there was public parking next to the Favaritx lighthouse, but since 2018, it is only open in winter. So the only option left to go to the beach it's through public transport. Tickets can be purchased online in advance here.

Once there, you'll have to do a small route through the Camí de Cavalls passing through Cala Presili, and finally reach Cala Tortuga. Approximately 15 or 20 minutes on foot.

The Favaritx lighthouse

In front of the parking where the bus will leave us, we have the famous Favaritx lighthouse, located in the Favaritx bay, typical of most Menorca postcards. It is a practically virgin place, the only building there is, is the lighthouse itself.

The orography in this part of Menorca changes completely, cause of the Tramontana wind. We terrain have not very high cliffs, composed of a dark slate. There isn't much vegetation, and what is there, robust and thorny, is adapted to the strong winds of the north of the island.

If you are going to take a dip to near beaches of Cala Tortuga or Cala Presili, you can not miss a quick visit to the Favaritx lighthouse.

favaritx lighthouse