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Enjoy Cala Tortuga, near Favàritx, in Menorca

Capifort, or Cala Tortuga, is a natural beach on the north coast of Menorca. Its spectacular views of the Favaritx lighthouse and its difficult access make it a desired place by all visitors.

Visit Cala Tortuga

Cala Tortuga is undoubtedly one of the best virgin coves in the north of Menorca. It is located within the Albufera des Grau natural park and between the towns of Es Grau and Addaia. Specifically in the Arenal de Morella.

Since the beach is within a protected area , you can enjoy a beautiful landscape. There are no buildings or towns, typical of the wildest Menorca.

cala tortuga beach in menorca

It would be best to respect the signs of the path and always walk along the marked trails to avoid land erosion.

The reviews and opinions of those who have been to Cala Tortuga are very positive. For this reason, we consider it a 5-star beach, totally recommended.

How to go to Cala Tortuga

Before, there was public parking next to the Favaritx lighthouse, but since 2018, it is only open in winter. So the only option left to go to the beach it's by bus. You can buy the tickets online.

Once there, you'll have to do a small route through the Camí de Cavalls. Then, crossing through Cala Presili, reach Cala Tortuga, approximately 15 or 20 minutes on foot.

how to get to cala tortuga menorca

The path from the parking to the beach is simple, and it takes only 15 minutes to get there. Once on the coast, some stairs go down to the shore. It's safe as they are made with tree branches to separate you from the cliff.

Go by Kayak

If you want to paddle, you can rent a Kayak in Es Grau and journey to Cala Tortuga. You will cross magical places in Menorca: La Illa d'en Colom, S'arenal d'en Moro, Sa Torreta beach and the Morella beach. It usually takes an hour and a half to go and another to return, always depending on the wind. Take a look at the weather forecast before going!

Go by Boat

As a last option, you can get to Cala de Tortuga by boat. From the port of Mahón, Fornells and Es Grau, there are sea excursions in Menorca that reach the beach.

The Favaritx lighthouse

In front of the parking where the bus stops, there is the Favaritx Lighthouse. Inside Favaritx bay, a trendy place in Menorca. However, it is a virgin place, the only building there is the lighthouse itself.

The orography in this part of Menorca changes entirely cause of the north wind. The terrain has medium size cliffs composed of a dark slate. There isn't much vegetation; it's robust and thorny is adapted to the strong winds of the island's north.

Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili are one of the best beaches in Menorca. However, don't forget to visit also Favaritx lighthouse.

favaritx cala tortuga menorca

The surroundings of Cala Tortuga and the Favaritx Lighthouse are virgin. They do not have any restaurants or beach bars. So if you are going to spend the day, we recommend bringing enough water and food.

The sea is turquoise and clean.

It is unnecessary to go to Platja d'en Tortuga on a splendid day to see how clean and transparent its waters are. It is a marvel, and it is only 25 minutes from Mahón.

turquoise water cala tortuga menorca

The seabed in the north of Menorca is usually rocky. However, on this beach, you will find some Posidonia meadows and stones at the borders of the beach. They are accompanied by ample sandy areas more towards the centre.

You will have to walk quite a bit to bathe as it's a shallow beach. However, if you go with children, you can be calm while they play on the shore. Cala Tortuga is quite similar to Playa de Es Grau in terms of depth.

What can you see in the surroundings?

Behind the beach is the Bassa de Morella, a wetland usually covered with water in winter. However, it is generally dry in summer. It has an area of ​​2.5 hectares and is a little more than a meter and a half deep.

It is beautiful, but in summer, it is usually dry. Bassa de Morella is a breeding area for birds such as Fotges (Fulica Atra) and Soterins (Trachibaptus ruficollis). Also, amphibians such as the Hyla meriodonalis (Frog).

bassa morella cala tortuga menorca

If you follow the path from there (Camí de San Bartolomé) or Camí de Cavalls, you will reach another inhospitable stone cove called Cala Morella Nou. It's between Cap de Ses Piques and Cap de Monsenyor Vives.

It has some small dunes.

The sand goes from the shore to the vegetation, creating a small dune. There is a fence that prohibits walking over it. It is essential to respect the signs to avoid hurting the ecosystem.

Cala Tortuga should be a mandatory stop in your trip to Menorca

If you are looking for a remote beach to relax yourself during your trip to Menorca; definitely it worth it to visit Cala Tortuga. The fact is only accessible by bus during summer, becomes this beach in one of the most lonely beaches.

Near the beach, you will find the famous Favaritx Lighthouse; a wonderful place for having a photo shoot. Furthermore, if you visit this area in winter, remember to visit Morella Lagoon just behind the shore.

You won't be disappointed when you visit Cala Tortuga. It is one of the best places to go in Northern Menorca for its stunning natural environment and turquoise waters that make it a flawless destination any time!

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