monte toro mountain menorca 2019

How to get to Monte Toro?

Monte Toro is the highest mountain and peak on the island. From there, there are spectacular views of all of Menorca. It is a must for all visitors!

How to get to Monte Toro? in Menorca

The main road in Menorca is the ME-1. This road crosses from Mahón to Ciutadella. From any place of the island, you will find references to get into it. Once there, you will go to Es Mercadal , one of the villages which are in the middle of the island.

Once in Es Mercadal, you will find easy indications to get into Monte Toro. It's a secondary road which goes to the top of the highest mountain in Menorca. The distance to the top is 3 kilometres of slope road. There's an awesome landscape!

And once there?

Don't look at the hug telephone antennas. The views will talk by itself. Take some pictures as you're not going to be the only one who does that.

In Monte Toro, you can visit la Virgen del Toro , a wonderful old church. For sure, the most isolated church in Menorca.

If you are hungry and you are in summer, there is an opened restaurant at the highest point of Menorca. It's called Sa Posada del Toro and it has good food variety. Lunch with those landscapes is incredible.

There's also a souvenir shop. Why not buy a postcard of those wonderful landscapes?