sharks in menorca

Are there sharks in Menorca?

Sharks are present in Menorca and throughout the Mediterranean Sea. However, the overfishing of the last decades has diminished sharks sightings. Nevertheless, every year there is usually an appearance of a blue shark, normally dying on the shore.
monte toro mountain menorca 2019

How to get to Monte Toro?

Monte Toro is the highest mountain and peak on the island. From there, there are spectacular views of all of Menorca. It is a must for all visitors!
drinking age in menorca

What's the drinking age in Menorca?

As in most of Europe, in Menorca the minimum age to drink alcohol is 18 years old. This law is also there for other products such as tobacco.
nightlife in punta prima

How's nightlife near Punta Prima?

Punta Prima nightlife is in the hot summer months. At that time all the bars and pubs are open and offer many leisure possibilities.
beaches mahon menorca

Beaches near Mahón, Menorca

Even though there are no beaches in the city of Mahón; In its surroundings, there are spectacular coves that you should not miss. In less than 15 minutes by car, you can be on any of its beaches.
menorca tourist tax 2023

Menorca Tourist Tax 2019

If you go to Menorca this year, you should know that all accommodations will make you pay a small tourist tax. Its price depends on the type of accommodation you have hired.
menorca trashchallenge 2019

Trashchallenge in Menorca

The TrashChallenge Menorca campaign invites everyone to collect plastics on the beaches of Menorca. Together we can save the beauty of the island!
colom island menorca

Colom Island in Menorca

Illa d'en Colom is a magical place in Menorca where the turquoise blue sea meets bright sunshine. The island has two beautiful beaches, both with white sand and exciting activities for all ages to enjoy!
es pa gros menorca

Es Pa Gros

Es Pa Gros is a lovely hill on the beach of Sa Mesquida. If you visit the beach, do not hesitate to climb to its top, there is a sensational panoramic view of the beach and its town.
king island menorca

King Island, in Mahón - Menorca

Isla del Rey is a beautiful place to visit in the Mahón area. It is situated in the centre of the port and offers a great history. They organize guided boat tours to explore the Island.
cities in menorca

Discover the cities in Menorca

Menorca has many towns and municipalities, each with its peculiarities. It is worth touring them all, from Ciutadella to Mahón and Binibeca.
things to do in mahon

Top things to do in Mahon - 2024

Mahón is the capital of Menorca and has a lot of things to do and visit. From strolling through its lovely port to visiting the city centre and its picturesque streets.
beaches sant lluis menorca

Best beaches in Sant Lluis

On the coast of Sant Lluis are some of the best beaches in Menorca. Its low cliffs and blue waters make them the most popular on the island.
best beaches menorca

Best beaches in Menorca

If you're looking for the perfect beach to relax on during your holidays in Menorca, you'll want to check out this list of the 30 best beaches on the island. From rocky coves to sandy stretches, there's something sure to please everyone. So take a look and start planning your beach day itinerary!
best beaches in spain

Top 10 beaches in Spain

Spain has spectacular beaches, from Galicia to the Balearic Islands, passing through Andalusia. It isn't easy to get a ranking of the best, although we have tried it in this TOP 10.
kitesurf menorca

Kitesurf in Menorca

Menorca is an ideal island for practising Kitesurfing. It has spots for most winds, and conditions are usually good in the winter months.
menorca december

Discover Menorca in December

Menorca offers good leisure opportunities even in winter. In particular, December is a windy month where you can do multiple sports.
menorca beach flags

Menorca Beach Flags

In Menorca and throughout Spain, the weather conditions of the beaches are in coloured flags. Find out what they are and their peculiarities!
exchange rate menorca

Exchange rate in Menorca

In Menorca, the currency used is the Euro. However, if you are travelling from a country with another currency, you have different options of exchanging money once on the island.
menorca population

Menorca Population

Discover Menorca population of this year
es mercadal best beaches menorca

Best beaches in Es Mercadal

Es Mercadal has more than ten beaches, some unspoilt and exceptional. If you want a quiet and typical place in Menorca, do not hesitate to visit one of them.
lighthouse isla del aire island menorca

Isla del Aire Lighthouse

Isla del Aire is the second largest island in Menorca, with 34 hectares. Without a doubt, the most remarkable thing about this point is its impressive Lighthouse. But, unfortunately, you can only get there by boat or kayak!
espero punta menorca cape

Punta de s'Espero Cape, in Menorca

Punta de Espero in Menorca is the easternmost point of Spain. It is within the Mahón area, specifically in La Mola. It is the first place in the country that sees the sun.
addaia illes islands menorca

Addaia Islands, in Menorca

The islands of Addaia are tiny islands that are in front of the homonymous town. They are visible from all its coastline and has easy access by kayak.
fornells port menorca

Fornells Port, a unique place in Menorca

If you travel to Menorca, a place you cannot miss is the Port of Fornells. Without a doubt, it is a town that exudes magic with its picturesque white streets. This area will surprise you!
unknown beaches balearic islands

Unknown beaches of the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands enjoy great prestige accumulated over decades in world tourism. This fame means that tens of thousands of tourists, both Spanish and foreign, enjoy its beaches every year.
kids beaches balearic islands

Beaches for kids in the Balearic Islands

Tiny havens of peace where you can rest peacefully as a family and where kids can play and bathe without worry.
water parks in menorca

Best water parks in Menorca

If the beaches choke you because you are on vacation with children, do not hesitate to give them an adrenaline-pumping day at one of the water parks in Menorca. They all have enjoyable attractions that adapt to multiple children ranges ages.
how to get to menorca from ibiza

Go To Menorca from Ibiza

It seems very easy to do it from Mallorca, but it is somewhat more expensive if you want to get there from Ibiza. Since there are rarely direct flights between the two islands, read on to discover possible ways.
beaches near ciutadella menorca

Beaches near Ciutadella, in Menorca

Ciutadella is near many exceptional beaches that you should not forget if you visit the western region of Menorca. They all share turquoise waters that leave any guest shocked.
restaurant tips menorca

Restaurant tips in Menorca, Spain

Menorca and Spain are slightly different with tips on restaurants compared to other countries like the UK or Germany.
tips menorca cheap

5 Tips for to made Menorca cheap

If you are planning a trip to Menorca, here are five good tips to save money during your holidays. So you will enjoy the island and keep some cash in your pocket.
anchor anchorages boat menorca

The best anchorages in Menorca

Unlike other maritime destinations, Menorca has the advantage that you will always find anchorages shelter from the wind in many places.
mobile coverage network menorca beaches

Mobile coverage in Menorca beaches

Menorca commonly has fantastic coverage on the beaches. In recent years, 5G and 4G networks have been present in the entire geography thanks to the antennas distributed throughout the island.
cap roig restaurant menorca

Cap Roig Restaurant

Cap Roig Restaurant is in Sa Mesquida, a small town just 10 minutes from Mahón. It is excellent if you want to enjoy the saltiest cuisine in Menorca.
free buses menorca

Buses are now free in Menorca

As of September 2022, public transport in Menorca becomes free throughout the island. To take advantage of that discount, you must have T-JOVE, T-GENERAL or T-MES.
dog friendly beaches in mahon menorca

Mahón will have two new beaches for dogs

It's an increasingly common theme, many owners want to go to a beach in Mahón with their dog, and the municipal ordinance truncates their spirit.
dog beaches ferreries

Ferreries will have a beach for dogs

Currently, Ferreries has no ordinance that allows residents and tourists to enjoy their pets in the sand. However, this fact is about to change.
no-smoke beaches sant lluis menorca

Sant Lluis adds more smoke-free beaches

Sant Lluis, in Menorca, added this May 2022 three new beaches to its initiative of no-smoke beaches. This action seeks to make visitors and locals aware of the problem of tobacco and the degradation it causes to the territory.
hailstorm menorca 2022

Stunning hailstorm in Menorca

Menorca today suffered one of the most significant hail storms in memory. In addition, many have been affected by the ice blocks falling from the island's sky.
super yact calex mahon menorca

Calex superyacht visits Menorca

It is an imposing 67-meter yacht built by the Italian shipyard Benetti. Its owner is David Wilson, an American dedicated to the car dealership sector.
port addaia menorca

Addaia Port

The port area of ​​Addaya began to be explored in the 90s, and nowadays, it is one of the best harbours in Menorca since it offers good services and is located in a privileged location.
menorca airport

Passenger record in Menorca in August

According to Aena, Menorca Airport has reached 720,000 passengers, thus exceeding the records from before the pandemic by 5%.
ryanair menorca barcelona

Ryanair will connect Barcelona and Menorca in winter

Ryanair joins Vueling and also offers several weekly frequencies to Barcelona. As a result, flying to Menorca will now be possible with more than one airline during the low season.
menorca in november

Menorca in November

Not everything is sun and beach in Menorca. During the autumn and November, you can do endless activities and plans on the island with the bonus of tranquillity.
snow in menorca

Does it snow in Menorca?

Is there anything more beautiful than a snow-covered landscape? For those of us who live in places where snow is rare, it's simply magical. And Menorca, an island off the coast of Spain, is one such place.
menorca in january

5 Plans for Menorca in January

Is there anything better than escaping the cold January weather by taking a trip to a warmer place? If you're looking for a remarkable January getaway, Menorca is your best bet – and here are five great things to do while you're there!
mosquitoes in menorca

Mosquitoes in Menorca

If you're thinking of travelling to Menorca, you may be wondering whether or not you'll have to deal with mosquitoes. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the prevalence of mosquitoes in Menorca and offer some tips for avoiding them.
favaritx lighthouse menorca

The Favaritx Ligthouse

If you're considering visiting Menorca, note that the Favàritx Lighthouse is one-of-a-kind. It's an incredible spot to take photos and enjoy the north coast views.
cavallería lighthouse menorca

The Cavallería Lighthouse

Have you ever been to the Cavallería lighthouse? It's one of the best spots on the island for watching the sunset. The view from up there is absolutely wonderful, and it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. Make sure to go early though because it gets pretty crowded later in the afternoon!
luggage car menorca

What If i leave the Luggage in the Car?

In this post, we'll take a look at whether or not leaving your luggage in the car is a good idea in Menorca, and give you some tips on how to keep your belongings safe while you're out and about. Read on for more information!
menorca queues airport

Are there long queues in Menorca Airport?

If there's one thing that can ruin your holiday buzz, it's a long queue at passport control. Especially when you've got a plane to leave Menorca. Here we explain the status of Mahon's Airport and some tips on how to avoid the queues and make your airport experience as smooth as possible.
menorca lighthouses

The Lighthouse's of Menorca

When you're visiting a new place, it's always fun to check out the local lighthouses. Menorca is no exception – there are some beautiful lighthouses to see on this island! If you're looking for things to do in Menorca, make sure you add lighthouse sightseeing to your list.
activities what to do menorca easter

Activities in Menorca in Easter (2024)

Easter is a time where many families celebrate together. If you are looking for some ideas of what to do in Menorca during Easter, then look no further! Here are five plans that will keep you entertained over your holidays on the island.