Binibeca beach is in the south of Menorca, near Sant Lluis

Binibeca beach, in Menorca

Binibeca beach, or more correct  Binibèquer, it's located in Sant Lluis village, in Menorca southeast. It's a beach located in a place called the same, this is split into two parts, Binibeca Vell or also known as Pueblo de Pescadores and Binibeca Nou which is the part with newer houses and apartments.

The beach seems virgin, because it's surrounded by a leafy forest we have to cross to can access to. The beach measures 80 meters long and about 15 widths, although rocked zones extend by their ends, thus we don't need to stay on the sand to swim on the turquoise water, that also is not much deep.

The sand, fine and clear, will be the best for your children, cause Binibeca beach is totally recommended for families, thanks to their easy access and good parking. Apart of that, it has a sunbeds and umbrella service, in case you want to avoid the hard sun of the summer.

Lunch in Binibeca

Just in the left side of the beach, we have a nice bar near the sea, where we can take a very cold drink, it's called Bucaneros Binibeca and we will be able to control our children from there, cause the beach is just in front.

In case you're bringing food from home, the access which brings us to the beach, have a picnic with tables, so we can eat there on the shadow of the forest.

How to arrive at Binibeca beach

We can park just behind the beach, there's a free parking, and all around is a good place to park also. Although if we go in full summer, may be tricky.

In the case we want to go by bus, we can take it every hour from Mahón Bus Station or Sant Lluis Bus Stop

parking binibeca beach

Binibeca Beach Parking 1
350 Metros
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We have a public parking just in front of Binibeca Beach. This, is the most busy, so we have to arrive early if we want to take a place in summer.

parking of binibeca beach, menorca

Binibeca Beach Parking 2
330 Metros
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As second option for parking in Binibeca Beach, we have another parking very close to the beach. It's a good option if main parking is full.

toilets binibeca beach

Toilets Binibeca Beach
50 Metros

Binibeca Beach, has public toilets in the beach itself. Are just behind the beach chiringuito Bukaneros.

bus stop binibeca beach

Bus Stop Binibeca Beach
500 Metros
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Binibeca bus Stop, is about 400 meters from the beach. From the beach in road to 'Pueblo de Pescadores of Binibeca'. In summer, there's lines every two hours aproximately.