la vall beach menorca

La Vall beach, in Menorca

La Vall is a spectacular beach in the northwest of Menorca. Its fantastic blue and turquoise waters stand out, ideal for spending a day at the beach with the family. Do not hesitate to visit it!

Activities near La Vall

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La Vall beach (Ciutadella)

Knowing Menorca through its beaches is one of the best experiences you can enjoy on the island. Near Ciutadella is La Vall beach, one of the best-known shores of the island. It's a small cove with crystal clear waters. We are going to show you everything you need to know about La Vall in Menorca.

How looks la Vall beach?

La Vall beach is a spot of fine white sand with pristine water, one of the cleanest in Menorca. It has two beaches, La Vall , with about 4,500 square meters of surface, and Es Bot , a little larger with nearly 6,000 square meters in total.

It is necessary to pass through a rocky area to move between them, although you can also leave the beach and enter the other from the inside. It is a beach where it is common to find Posidonia algae , which do not bother the swimmer and indicates the excellent state of conservation of the underwater ecosystem in the area.

la vall beach menorca

It is one of the best-known coves in Menorca. However, visually it is not as attractive a priori as other coves in the south of Menorca.

Nevertheless, an exciting option when there are winds from the south and the beaches in the south have the roughest waters. It is important to note that in La Vall, it is common to find bathers practising nudism , although it is more frequent the further you walk to the right of the beach.

How to get to Playa de la Vall

la vall path menorca

How to get to Playa de la Vall There are different ways to get to La Vall from Ciudadela. The most interesting options are the following:

  • Bus: you can opt for public transport to get to La Vall. To do this, you must take line 62 that departs from Ciutadella and leaves you just 1 kilometre from the beach, right in the parking lot where bathers go with their cars.
  • Bicycle: for bicycle lovers, going from Ciudadela to La Vall can be an enjoyable experience. There are barely 12 kilometres by bike that you can do on roads and paths that are very well signposted, such as the Camí Alfurinet or the Camí de Cala Morell road.
  • Car: to get from Ciudadela to La Vall by car, you must take the Cala Morell road , detour before reaching the junction leading to the urbanization. Getting lost is not easy at all, so don't be afraid. If your starting point is Maó, you must go towards Ciutadella and, just before arriving, follow the signs that indicate the direction towards Cala Morell.

What does the beach of la Vall offer

la vall es bot menorca ciutadella

La Vall Beach in Ciutadella offers a fascinating natural landscape, very well preserved and a little crowded, where you can relax in crystal clear waters in the middle of nature. The area around the beach doesn't have buildings, and there is only vegetation and pine forests, which add a much more natural point to the spot.

The beach has services such as:

Free parking

You had to pay to reach this beach by car years ago, but now it is free. Visitors who go by car have at their disposal two different car parkings. The first parking lot is about 500 meters from the beach access, and the other parking is about 300 meters away. It means walking between 5 and 10 minutes to reach the beach.

Normally, there are no parking problems because it is difficult for the two parking to be complete. However, it is essential to drive on the access road to the parking lot carefully and at a low speed because cyclists frequently come across it.

Horse excursions

Very close to the beach of La Vall, there is a company that offers horseback riding in the area. They are horseback rides of 1 hour for just over 20 euros, and they start from a farm known as Son Angel. An exciting opportunity to discover the nature of the area on horseback.

Kayak trip

Kayak trips are present for tourists; they depart from the fishermen's refugee in Ses Fontanelles.

You have to hire the service to live the experience of kayaking and discover the beaches and cliffs near La Vall from the sea. Always with monitors who guide the experience and explain the most important details.


The La Vall beach area is fascinating for diving enthusiasts. Its clean and little polluted waters are the perfect place where fish species grow and live. However, you have to dive a little to discover a vibrant and varied marine ecosystem that always surprises those who choose this experience.

algaiarens ciutadella menorca

The beach also offers a lifeguard service for the tranquillity of bathers. Due to the tranquillity of its waters and for this service, La Vall is a highly recommended beach for families with children who want to know one of the most recommended beaches in the north of the island for tourists. And it is that its fine white sand is different from other northern beaches , where the sand is usually darker and thicker.

La Vall, the perfect beach for sunsets

La Vall beach empties as sunset approaches and is the perfect time to relax on its fine sand to watch the sunset. The sunsets of Menorca are known all over the world, and from this beach, in a unique natural environment and with the calm sea, we can see how the sun sets, leaving a sky with impressive shades of colour.

If you are in Ciutadella or Maó, do not forget to visit La Vall beach. One of the beaches that no one should miss when visiting the island of Menorca and that attracts tourists from all over the world.