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Cala Macarella: a turquoise water beach in Menorca

Cala Macarella is one of the best-known coves in Menorca. The turquoise colour of the sea and the boats' shadows make this beach look like a postcard of the Balearic Islands.

Activities near Cala Macarella

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Enjoy Cala Macarella

Welcome to paradise! If you're looking for a place that feels like an unexpected holiday, look no further than Cala Macarella.

The crystal clear water and serene surroundings will have your worries melting away within seconds of setting foot on this magical beach in Menorca.

¿Where is Cala Macarella?

Macarella is in the south face of Menorca, a little bit more on the west side.

It's very near to Cala Galdana (3KM), and at the same time very accessible from Ciutadella town (12KM). Also,Macarella can be found just a 5-minute walk from its little sister, Cala Macarelleta.

Coordinates to go by boat to Macarella

If you're looking for a good bay to go by boat, this one is one of the favourites. But be aware that the anchorage is petite - it gets packed with boats during summer!

Remember that you can't surpass the yellow buoys.

Coords: 39.9383 N, 3.93716 E.

When is better to visit it?

Macarella beach is a hidden gem in Menorca and can be found only through an arduous hike up the coast.

If you go during May, June or September when it's less crowded with tourists than usual; your trip will still feel refreshing despite being surrounded by other people!

How is Macarella Beach?

Macarella Beach is a picturesque cove in the south of the island. It's 1**10 meters long and 20 meters wide;**however, its width extends even more when you walk through pine trees that line this beach frontiers.

The turquoise waters of this natural spot in Menorca create a great contrast with the cliffs, full vegetation. A unique place you should definitely not miss!

cala macarella beach in menorca

This is the perfect beach for divers and nature lovers. The wide sandbanks, posidonia meadows (a type of wetland) with its numerous caves makes this an excellent diving destination!

Remember that it is totally forbidden to put the anchor of your boat over the posidonia meadows; the fins are huge!

It's a wonderful place to snorkel!

Macarella and all the surrounding areas are great for diving and snorkelling. You should take your diving goggles with you when exploring this area so that you can enjoy it as much as Macarella's reefs, we do!

You will find many fish, don't forget a GoPro to take remarkable selfies under the crystal waters.

If you want to learn more about the marine ecosystem in this area of Menorca, you can book a diving trip with a local guide in Macarella. You will learn some of the most famous species of Menorca, and they will take you to the best secret spots.

How to get to Cala Macarella

The car park of Cala Macarella used to have two different locations, one near the beach and another 900 meters away. However, due to avoid crowding at this cove's brink, you are only allowed to take a bus from Ciutadella during the summer.

Boat trip to Cala Macarella

One of the most beautiful coves in all Menorca, Cala Macarella can be reached by boat in summer months. If you have time for only one day trip while visiting this area, then look at this cheap boat tour to Cala Macarella from Cala Galdana.

It's a great option if you want at the same time to explore other amazing beaches like Cala Turqueta. Furthermore, a local guide will explain you many curiosities about this part of the island.

Macarella by Kayak

One of the most exciting ways to get to Macarella is by renting a kayak in Cala Galdana. You can find this service right by where you arrive, at the harbour and on the beach.

The stunning scenery of this tour will take your breath away. Imagine the views you'll see as waves break against cliffs and skies bread with brilliant blue hues. You will need about 30 minutes to reach Cala Macarella with Kayak.

By bus

bus cala macarella menorca

To avoid the overcrowding of the shore, the only possibility to arrive at the spot now is the public bus. You can take it from May to September from Ciutadella; it takes 25 minutes.

You can also rent a bicycle

Renting a bicycle is another option you can consider. The journey through Sant Joan de Missa is pleasant. Remember to take some water with you!

Security in Cala Macarella

This beach in Menorca is more attractive for adults and couples. Despite this, have lifeguards; You can relax with your children as well.

There is Cruz Roja service, with a flag that will show you the current status of the beach conditions. That's very useful if you want to know if there are jellyfish.

Also, it has yellow buoys, boats cannot surpass them, and you will have a limited swimming area.

Eat on the beach

Cafe Susy is a cafeteria and restaurant on the shore of Macarella. It is the only building on the beach.

Typical Menorcan meals, ice-creams and tapas are on the menu. We recommend going on time to get a table in the summer months.

Another great option, and more economical, is to take your own food. There are shadow under the pines, so it's an ideal location to do a picnic with the family.

Tips and recommendations

  • Plan the visit with time, as if you choose to visit Cala Macarella by bus, you must buy a ticket.
  • Be aware of the bus schedules. In the afternoon, all visitors want to return to Ciutadella on the last bus.
  • Take a snorkel mask and some fins. Diving in the surroundings between Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta is spectacular.
  • Never exceed the yellow buoys, swimming. It's a famous beach, and there are many boats, so it could be dangerous to get away from the swimming area.
  • Avoid jumping from the cliffs and the rocks. It can be risky if you don't know how deep is the sea!

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