Nice Landscape in cala Macarella, Menorca

Enjoy with Cala Macarella, one of the best beaches in Menorca

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Enjoy Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella, very close to Cala Macarelleta is probably one of the best-known beaches in Menorca for visitors. The turquoise waters are tuned to the cliffs full of nature.
It is highly recommended to visit it during the months of May, June or September, to not find crowds of people and therefore enjoy one of the best beaches in Menorca.

How to get to cala Macarella

In past years, the popular cala macarella, had two parking lots (one of which is close to the beach, and another about 900 meters far). Currently, to avoid the overcrowding of the beach, the only option to arrive is the public bus . You can take from May to September from Ciutadella, with a journey of about 25 minutes.

If you want to enjoy Cala Macarella from all perspectives, from Menorca Beaches we recommend you to access on a boat from Cala Galdana or Ciutadella .

As a last option to get to the beach, we have the bicycle, whose journey is approximately one hour, through the path of Sant Joan de Missa. Important to equip yourself with an essential bottle of water to not seem in the attempt.

All options have their advantages and disadvantages. With the prohibition to access by car, the beach of cala Macarella tends not to fill up so quickly, so that it will not be. difficult to find a place to put the towel and enjoy the spectacular views.

Security in Cala Macarella

This beautiful beach in Menorca, may be more attractive for adults and couples, despite this, has lifeguards, so if we go with children we can be relaxed.

Eat on the beach

Fortunately, on this beach we can enjoy a break in the shade of your only cafeteria Cafe Susy. From taking an ice cream, to typical products of Menorca. It is usually quite full, so we recommend you go ahead of time, or simply bring the prepared food to cala Macarella.


  1. Plan the visit with time , since if we choose to go to Cala Macarella by bus, we must purchase the Bus ticket.
  2. Be aware of the schedules, in the case of going by Bus, since Late in the afternoon most visitors want to return to Ciutadella at the last bus.
  3. Bring a snorkel mask and some fins, the surroundings between cala macarella and cala Macarelleta, offer a symphony of fun under water.
  4. Never exceed the yellow buoys, being a very popular beach, there's lot of boats, so it could be dangerous to get away from the swimming area.
  5. It is common to see people jumping from some cliffs or rocks, we recommend to go carefully, and avoid acts like these to avoid accidents.

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