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Isla del Aire Lighthouse

Isla del Aire is the second largest island in Menorca, with 34 hectares. Without a doubt, the most remarkable thing about this point is its impressive Lighthouse. But, unfortunately, you can only get there by boat or kayak!

A spectacular and lonely island

Undoubtedly, the Illa del Aire Lighthouse is the most remote lighthouse in Menorca. However, the trip to the islet is relatively short and well worth it. Taking a walk through this unspoilt place is lovely!

It's near Punta Prima town and beach, a very touristic place in Menorca. Therefore, it's very close to this totally natural space.

Until 1977, it was the Lighthouse with the tallest tower of all the Balearic Islands.

An ancient Lighthouse with a shipwreck...

Imagine finding yourself in a shipwreck with no way to land on shore in 1860. You're thrown into panic, not knowing what will happen next or if anyone else is alive for that matter-until help finally arrives!

That's how it felt when the Isla del Aire Lighthouse was built; many workers were lost at sea during construction , but they wouldn't give up because one man disappeared before his eyes.

Lighthouse has many modifications

In 1911, they replaced the lamp for the newest model, the guardian had to move to Majorca to understand how it works.

The guardians and their families lived on this remote island until 1976. After that, Isla del Aire Lighthouse was automated and didn't need physical people living on that remote islet any more.

The last modification was in 1995 when government added some solar panels and the lighthouse became totally autonomous.

The island has an endemic lizard

Apart from the Lighthouse, you can also discover a unique animal on the world. It is the famous black lizard , endemic to this islet and officially protected by the state.

All the corners of the island are plenty of Sargantes Negres.

You can easily go by Paddle Surf!

If you are looking for a cheap way to visit this natural space, undoubtedly a good choice is a Paddle Surf Trip to Isla del Aire, an ideal plan for couples and families.