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Son Saura Beach, in Menorca

Son Saura beach is a must if you travel to Menorca; it is unique and will offer you incredible views and experiences. In addition, you will be impressed by the crystalline waters.

Activities near Son Saura

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Don't miss Son Saura beach!

Playa de Son Saura is one of the best coves in Menorca; specifically, it is in Ciutadella, it is one of the most virgin beaches on the island. Although we face a bay formed by two sandy areas, Platja des Banyul and Platja de Bellavista, it also has lifeguard services and parking.

If you visit this beautiful island soon, we will mention all the details of Son Saura beach in Menorca; so keep reading!

What is the Son Saura beach like

The Son Saura sandbank has pristine waters and fine sand, although sometimes you must be careful with any possible algae. Around it, there is wild vegetation with very varied flora.

It is a beach with many possibilities since you can bathe in the sea, rest on the sand, or eat in the pine forest that is very close to it.

arenal de son saura beach menorca

One of the halves of the bay is Playa des Banyul; it is 200 meters long and has clear waters with a medium depth. The other beach is Bellavista, with more than 300 meters, but it usually has more algae due to the southwest swell of the central opening of the bay.

What does Son Saura beach offer?

When you organize your trip to Ciutadella, it's normal to doubt which beaches to visit and what to visit. However, if Menorca is your next destination, keep reading because we explain Son Saura possibilities below.

The bay of Son Saura offers good weather, clean waters, white sand, a beach long enough to have space, ample parking and close to the beach, nearby restaurants, excursions, tranquillity, impressive views and much more.

son saura beach ciutadella

If we focus on the excursions you can do in Son Saura, the following are some of the most notable.

Excursions and trips

Excursion through the beaches of Son Saura

The first is a half-day boat trip to visit 6 to 8 beaches in the south of Menorca. On the other hand, another full-day excursion by boat is also spectacular; in fact, it includes lunch, and the tour will be through the most virgin beaches such as Cala Macarella or Turqueta, in addition to Son Saura.

Diving in Son Saura beach

diving in son saura menorca

Another exciting experience is diving for two and a half hours from Ciutadella; a guide will carry out the excursion. You only dive at the points accessible from a boat, protecting the seabed and the visitor at all times.


Cas Safra gastrobar

restaurant cas safra gastrobar son saura

Let's talk about the restaurants closest to the shore. First, we find Cas Safra gastro bar, with international, Mediterranean and European food, it has good reviews and comments, it is also close to the beach of Es Banyul.

The Blarney Stone

the blarney stone menorca son saura beach

The Blarney Stone is another attractive bar; it has impressive sea views that allow you to see a spectacular sunset. It has vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. It is also a pub restaurant.

How to get there

As is already known, when you go to an island, it is necessary to move around all of it and know all the coves, if possible also, it is essential to visit the beaches and bays that it has. Therefore, it would be necessary to rent a car. Son Saura bay has a nearby car park, less than 150 meters from Playa des Banyul, and a little further from Bellavista beach, 550 meters. To get there you must take the ring road outside the town of Ciutadella and then take the exit "Son Saura", there you have to continue 12 kilometres, and then you would be on the beach, that simple.

how to get son saura menorca

There is no public transport because it is a very new beach, but you can get there by bike or motorcycle.

Another option, the most different and daring for the summer, is to arrive by boat. If you have the opportunity, do not miss it because it is an experience to live it.

Tips for visiting this enclave

The bay of Son Saura offers many possibilities to spend incredible days, whether you want to do some activity at sea, or if you want to relax and enjoy the beach or enjoy the best Menorcan restaurants.

Some tips to be able to do all this are those mentioned below.

It is an ideal beach for families and couples, so if you intend to go in search of parties and beach bars, it would not be the right place. On the other hand, the month of September is one of the best times. However, it is pleasant to go to this destination, the temperature is enjoyable, and the volume of people will decrease. Likewise, there is always a place in the car park, and access to the cove is effortless and close so that you can get there by car without a problem. The restaurants are very close for lunch or dinner, but if you prefer to go to a supermarket because you want to eat on the beach, there are also nearby.

Opinions about Son Saura

The Son Saura cove generally has excellent opinions; for many people, it is one of the best in Menorca for the following reasons.

son saura menorca shore

First of all, it has white sand and turquoise blue water, clean and at a pleasant temperature, making it an excellent place to spend the summer.

On the other hand, it has less crowded than other more famous beaches in Menorca, since it is pretty long and it is possible to have a space between people.

Third, as already mentioned, the parking is very close to the beach, less than 10 minutes away on foot. It also opens very early, so you can access it from very early in the morning.

Finally, the views it offers are spectacular, and it is also an excellent location to go with children.


A trip is always a good idea, whether it is a weekend or multi-day getaway, as a couple, with friends or as a family, and Menorca is the ideal destination. Not everyone may be aware of the beautiful beaches that we have in Spain. Specifically, the Son Saura beach is like having the Caribbean in Ciutadella, on the island of Menorca, a few minutes by plane. Suppose you are looking for a destination with a beach for this Christmas. In that case, Ciutadella will not go unnoticed. Yes, it is also an ideal destination for winter. Since temperatures are medium, all leisure is open, and the places to visit will not go anywhere. You can not lose this!

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