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Cala Turqueta, in Menorca

Cala Turqueta, surrounded by lush forests, is one of the best beaches in the Balearic Islands. Do not hesitate to visit it; the blue and transparent waters will leave you speechless.

Activities near Cala Turqueta

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The most turquoise waters in Menorca

Turqueta is a cove you cannot beach if you visit Menorca! It's in the south of the island, between Macarella and Es Talaier. Once there, you will understand the reason for the name of this beautiful beach. The sea is immaculate and transparent.

Used to be overcrowded in summer

Except last 2020, because of COVID-19. It has been one of the most visited beaches on the island. There used to have prominent car cues to access in July and August.

Inside a large bay

North direction winds don't affect this beach as it's in a bay between two capes, Punta de s'Encletxa and Na Foradada. The inlet ends in the shore, with excellent and white sand.

It's not common to see algae in this cove. However, Turqueta's surroundings are naturals. Lush pine and Holm oaks forests. A fabulous paradise compared with other urban beaches in Menorca.

It's composed of two beaches.

The main beach is in a river mouth of a small river generated in the centre's ravines and unfortunately used to be dry in summer. However, sand used to be damp in the mornings on the left side of the shore. So don't get surprised if you go early in the morning to take a dip!

On the other hand, the right side it's rockier. It has sand, but small rocks and stones accompany it. It's the quietest area of the cove.

Jump on the small cliffs!

If you follow the path on the left cliff, direction to Na Foradada and Maressos de Na Marjal, you will reach a perfect place for jumping to the sea. It's not very high, about 3 meters, it's funny. However, be careful not to get injured when doing the jump.

There is a tiny ladder to go back to the stone. You don't need to climb up the rocks each time you want to swim.

There is a shadow under the pines!

If you want to spend your day in Cala en Turqueta, it's good to know that there are pines very close to the shore. They will bring you some shadows, very important on the sunny middays. Great for doing a picnic.

How to get to Turqueta

Easy access! Thus, it is better to go early in the morning if you want to enjoy a lonely Turqueta. July and August are very longed-for cove and used to get complete early.

The beach has its parking, 10 minutes far walking from the coast. Going early to get a place it's a good tip. On-time days get complete, and access is forbidden.

Go by car

Take the Sant Joan de Missa path from the south dual carriageway in Ciutadella. On the way, you can do an exciting stop in the church. It's a famous place in San Juan festivities. From this remote road, you can go to any cove on the south of Ciudadela.

There's also a bus in summer!

It's a good option if you don't have a car or don't want to be worried about parking capacity. It's the 68 line and departures every hour in summer from Canal Salat.

Lunch in the cove

Cala Turqueta is a natural cove; it doesn't have any Chiringuito or bar on the shore. However, it has a nice takeaway bar in the same parking. A good option if you have forgotten to take your food or water.

Water is vital in summer; if there's poorly wind that used to be very hot, you will need to hydrate yourself not to catch a sunstroke.

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