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Our 5 tips for enjoying Menorca on a cheap way

If you are planning a trip to Menorca, here are five good tips to save money during your holidays. So you will enjoy the island and keep some cash in your pocket.

Here you have our 5 tips for enjoying Menorca economically

Menorca is an ideal Mediterranean paradise to spend your holidays with your family or partner.

5. Plan your trip ahead of time

The flight to Menorca is not expensive if you buy it in advance; there are connections from all over Europe, especially the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. However, we recommend looking for a tour operator that offers direct flights to Menorca; It used to be cheaper than making a stopover in Barcelona or Mallorca.

Ideally, if you want to go in July or August, you should buy the ticket in May at the latest. The Covid is ending, and people want to travel again.

The ticket can be twice expensive depending on the day. As a general tip, travelling at mid-week is much cheaper.

4. Look for hotels or apartments far away from tourist areas

In general, Mahón, Ciutadella and the large urbanizations tend to have many hotels and the value for money is not as good as in other less touristy areas.

An Airbnb apartment for the whole family can be a great option. Even cheaper than the all-inclusive.

3. Book a car directly from local companies

We recommend booking a car directly with a local Rent a Car company. The treatment is usually much better, and if you book early, the price can be even lower.

You must rent a car or a motorcycle to enjoy Menorca to the fullest.

Bus connections are scarce and non-existent in some parts of the island.

2. Be careful with the food!

Here comes an essential tip in Menorca to save money. It would be best to look for restaurants far from tourist areas and always check that they have good ratings on TripAdvisor.

You will eat much better and cheaper in a remote restaurant in Menorca than in the beach bar or Chiringuito. In addition, you can try their local products and food.

1. Visit the lesser-known beaches!

In Menorca, there are many unknown coves. Therefore, it's a better option if you are looking for tranquillity, disconnection and relaxation.

We recommend that once you arrive you ask local people for secret coves on the island or you can search for them on our list of beaches.

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