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Addaia Islands, in Menorca

The islands of Addaia are tiny islands that are in front of the homonymous town. They are visible from all its coastline and has easy access by kayak.

Four islands make up this tiny archipelago.

In total, there are two small islands and two islets. you must be careful if you want to visit them by boat. Numerous hidden rocks make it difficult to sail between them.

1. Illot Gran d'Addaia or Isla Grande

It is the largest island in this group of islands in Addaia. It has an area of 7 hectares and a maximum height of 20 meters on its north cliff. In this, you will find some beautiful coves to dive!

2. Illa Petit d'Addaia or Little Island

It is the smallest island. It barely reaches 4 hectares, and its maximum height is 10 meters.

3. Illot de ses Aligues or Islote de ses Aligues

The largest islet of the Addaia Islands. Only 0.27 hectares. The Illot Gran protects it from Tramontana or North Wind.

4. Illot d'en Carbó, Carboner, or Carbon islet

It is a small islet located right in the centre of the canal, between Illa Gran and the harbour. It only has 0.2 hectares.

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