Visit Menorca in December

This island is not just paradisiac in summer, you can enjoy the quietest version of Menorca in December if you are not looking for a summer destination.

In December, the beaches used to be empty of tourists and bathers, so we can enjoy them from another point of view. For example, you will be able to walk freely with your dog or enjoy riding a horse on the sand. All that if the weather allows it.

menorca december winter

Flights to Menorca in December

Menorca reduces a lot the flight frequency while tourism decreases a lot during winter. You might know that Menorca's population in August is almost 3 times more than in December.

However, you will find good flight opportunities from the main cities in Spain. The Menorca-Barcelona (Vueling) is probably your best option, as it has 4 even 5 daily flights. But you have other options from Madrid, Valencia or Majorca.

It's important to check all possibilities before buying the flight, as there used to be a direct flight from London Gatwick on Tuesdays and Sundays during December, it's operated by EasyJet.

The weather of Menorca in December

Generally, the weather used to be rainy, with a possibility of 38% of rain every day according to the climatic records. The temperature in December remains between 8ºC and 15ºC, although this can change a lot depending on the year, arriving some years even to 0ºC and some snow, which is not common in this Balearic Island. Also, Menorca has had hot Decembers with high temperatures over 18 degrees, which is neither weird.

menorca in december storm

The most relevant thing to have in mind regarding the weather in December is the wind. Generally blows hard on periods of 3 or 4 days. The most common winds are the Northern and the SouthWest. Tramontana (Northern) wind occasionally can be very strong and achieve more than 100km/h wind gusts. This can make the thermal sensation fall a lot, so we must be ready and take winter coats.

Unless you are a bit crazy, you must forget sea activities like sunbathing or swimming. Although some days it will be nice to walk around the beaches. Sailing can be done depending on the day, it depends on the wind which can generate waves of more than 7 meters when Tramontana blows hard.

Sea sports in Winter

December in Menorca is very recommended for wind sports like Surfing, Windsurfing or even Kitesurfing. There are some good spots on the island, specifically in Son Bou if there is South wind, or Cala Tirant if there's Northwind. These activities have become very popular nowadays, a lot of residents practice this kind of sport; there are schools which will rent you the equipment and also neoprene.

Important events in December

There are some special events you should know if you are visiting Menorca in December, there are some public holidays: the 6th (Spanish Constitution Day) and the 25th of December (Christmas Day).

Spanish Constitution Day

It's a day off in all the country, remembering the creation of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, which is the recent one in Spain and refers to a period of transition between dictatorship and democracy. Nowadays it's not much relevant in Menorca.

Christmas Day

Like most of the places of the world, in Menorca is also celebrated Christmas Day, it used to gather the families on a very familiar dinner. For those who are coming to visit Menorca that day, remember that the list of restaurants opened is limited, so look for it with enough time.

Menorca typical dishes will be present during this night, squid, fish, and seafood is the most common meal.

New Years Eve in Menorca

Like all the places in the world, Menorca also celebrates the end of the Year on the 31st of December. There are parties in most of the cities but we recommend going out after taking the grapes to Mahón and Ciutadella. That they use to be a night bus, so you don't need to take your vehicle.

If you want to dinner in a restaurant you would need to reserve with enough time. Some restaurants usually offer a closed price with a delicious Menu, cava, grapes, and a party kit.

Hotels of Menorca in December

You should know that most of the Menorca Hotels are closed during December and generally in the full winter. We recommend looking for accommodation in the most populated areas because the majority of urbanizations are closed and there are no services of any kind.

hotels menorca december

For example Son Bou, Cala en Porter or Cala en Bosch Hotels are closed, so we would need to stay in the biggest areas like Mahón or Ciutadella. We will recommend some to you.

Hotel Port Mahón

This beautiful 4 stars hotel is opened all year and has amazing views of Mahon's harbor. It's very well located as we are close to the port but also to the center of Mahón.

Sodium Hotel Boutique

It is located in Ciutadella, and it's a perfect option for couples and adults. This 5 stars small hotel is inside a very old building fully reformed in the old town area of the City. There are many options like that, interior hotels in Menorca have experienced an increase in recent years and become a very popular accommodation option.

Historical Places

The cities of Menorca offers a great opportunity to discover lots of corners that in summer are very crowded, so you will be able to enjoy them more.

Mahón and Ciutadella are the biggest cities on the Island and they have the biggest amount of possibilities. For example, you could visit the Ciutadella Cathedral, which is an amazing Gothic building that was built in the 14th century, or even the Mahón church of Santa Maria, which has a huge musician organ.