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Restaurant tips in Menorca, Spain

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Menorca and Spain are slightly different with tips on restaurants compared to other countries like the UK or Germany.

Give tips in Menorca Restaurants

It is not mandatory to leave a tip in bars and restaurants; however, it is advisable to do so if you have felt that the place has met your expectations. Leaving a tip or a bonus signifies that you have been comfortable in Menorca and want the business to prosper.

It's recommended to give tips but not mandatory

This money will go directly to the staff that has treated you and encourage them to continue treating you great. Also, on the other hand, you will receive a friendly smile from the waiter.

Leaving a tip is essential in a good restaurant; in post-covid times, many waiters are underpaid. Giving them a tip, you help them have a significant extra money. Day-to-day prices have risen, but salaries remain generally stagnant at restaurants.

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