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Menorca buses become free

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Published August 30, 2022

As of September 2022, public transport in Menorca becomes free throughout the island. To take advantage of that discount, you must have T-JOVE, T-GENERAL or T-MES.

The Bus becomes free in Menorca

This Thursday, September 01, public transport will start to be free in Menorca.

The announcement gives this fact by Susana Mora and Montse Morlà that the tickets will become free with the following cards:

  • T-JOVE
  • T-MES

However, single tickets continue to cost cash. With this fact, the bonus proposal is changed from 70% to 100%, as Ibiza has done.

A measure to save gas

Undoubtedly, this measure comes for the energy savings proposed by the Government. Therefore, if you want to go to one of the beaches in Menorca this summer, you will soon be able to do so for free.

Get the cards for free.

You can request card discounts at the different offices of the Consell Insular (Mahón and Ciutadella).

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William Watson
Posted January 11, 2023
When do the Summer Bus Time Tables start? We plan to arrive at Menorca 3 June 2023
Answered January 11, 2023

Hello William, at least last year (2022), there were three different summer timetables:

  • From 1st to 31th of May
  • From 1st to 23th of June
  • From 23rd of June to September
  • They increase the frequency of buses with the increase in tourism. For 2023 it's still not published but should be similar to last year.

    We recommend paying attention and checking it in TMSA.

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