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Top 10 beaches in Spain

Spain has spectacular beaches, from Galicia to the Balearic Islands, passing through Andalusia. It isn't easy to get a ranking of the best, although we have tried it in this TOP 10.

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The Best Beaches in Spain - Top 10

Spain has incredible beaches; some are considered one of the best beaches in the world. However, with its extensive geography, since it has almost 6000 kilometres of coastline.

In Spain, the beaches belong to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the geography is extensive, with more than 6000 kilometres of coastline.

There are many shades, from the typical turquoise waters of the Costa Brava and the Balearic Islands to the darker colours of the peninsula and the volcanic Canary Islands.

Don't forget your swimsuit and discover our ranking of the ten best beaches in Spain.

10. Tejita beach (Tenerife)

playa de tejita tenerife

Tejita Beach is in the Canary Islands, specifically in Tenerife; it is in front of the Montaña Roja Volcano, where there are impressive views of the beach. We recommend bringing enough water and food since it does not have bars or restaurants.

The sand is light brown, offering a lovely contrast on sunny days. Unfortunately, La Tejita is in one of the windiest areas of Tenerife, so it's crucial to check the weather before going since the presence of giant waves is common.

9. Genoveses beach (Almería)

genoveses beach almeria

Located in Andalusia, in the province of Almería, it is one of the best virgin beaches in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, within the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. It's a wide beach, with white and fine sand.

Its dunes make this 100-meter long beach one of the emblems of El Campillo del Genovés.

8. Rodas beach (Vigo)

rodas beach galicia

Rodas beach is one of the best beaches in Galicia; extensive, more than a kilometre long by 60 meters wide. Its turquoise waters with emerald tones join the islands of Faro and Monteagudo.

It is very accessible and recommended to go with the family; its access is accessible from the dock of Rodas. It has restaurants and a lifeguard, as well as services, camping and parking.

7. Cala Bassa (Ibiza)

cala bassa ibiza beach

Cala Bassa is one of the best coves in Ibiza and Spain, a natural pool with turquoise waters typical of the Balearic Islands. It is near San Antonio Abad, from where we can easily access it by car or bus.

This beach has become very famous nowadays, with particular popularity thanks to the Beach Club Cala Bassa. You can listen to music in the most Ibizan style and taste its exquisite food and delicious cocktails.

6. Cala Pola (Tossa de Mar)

cala pola costa brava girona tossa de mar

Cala Pola is undoubtedly one of the best coves on the Costa Brava and, at the same time, one of the most secret and unknown. You can arrive by the road that goes to Sant Feliu de Guíxols from Tossa de Mar.

The beach is about 80 meters long and is within a small bay surrounded by cliffs and vegetation. If you visit Costa Brava, you cannot forget this entire area full of small hidden coves.

5. Estellencs beach (Mallorca)

estellencs beach mallorca andratx

Cala Estellencs is a beautiful cove in the north of Mallorca; it is located just below a high cliff, making this cove one of the most curious coves in Spain. It is a little known area of the island, where the Son Fortuny stream flows into the town of Estellencs.

You can get there from the Port of Andratx if you go by boat, about 18 kilometres away. The cove, made of rock and large stone platforms, is highly recommended if the Tramontana is not blowing.

4. Madero beach (Liencres, Cantabria)

madero beach cantabria, santander

Playa del Madero, 11 kilometres from Santander, is one of the most secret beaches in Cantabria since its access is not well known. The beach has a landscape of steep hills with low vegetation.

It is a virgin beach, and nature makes a great appearance. But, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, we must look at the weather as there are usually big waves.

3. Corralejo beach (Fuerteventura)

corralejo beach fuerteventura islas canarias

Undoubtedly, one of the best beaches in the North of Fuerteventura, located within a nature reserve, is about 9 kilometres of extensive white sand beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Its colour is due to the erosion of its white shells and snails over thousands of years. It is an excellent exfoliant for the skin that is not in the best Spa's you can achieve. The beach offers lovely views of Lanzarote and the Lobos Islands.

2. La Concha beach (San Sebastián)

la concha beach, san sebastian

Without a doubt, it is one of the best beaches in Spain, known worldwide for possibly being one of the most beautiful and at the same time accessible beaches in Spain and the Basque Country. It's in San Sebastián, in the bay of La Concha; its coast, with white sand, measures 1200 meters long by 60 wide and has little depth.

It tends to become overcrowded in summer since the city is right there; a swim in it or a walk along its beautiful promenade is essential to visit San Sebastián.

1. Cala Cavalleria (Menorca)

cala cavalleria spain

Cala Cavalleria Beach is one of those beaches that we cannot miss if we visit Menorca. A virgin beach with reddish clay walls. The beach is divided into two halves, separated by a more rocky area. The beach, generally at the end, is usually nudist.

It's near the municipality of Es Mercadal. The entire northern area of ??Menorca is beautiful; apart from Cala Cavalleria, Cala Pregonda and Cala Tortuga also stand out.

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