Cities in Menorca

Menorca has eight cities and villages around the island. A part of the urban areas, there're a lot of towns and urbanizations which are very close to the best beaches in Menorca.

Menorca population is 96.620 people and is split into 8 areas around the island.

Mahón, the Capital

mahon city menorca

Also known as Maó. This small city of 28.942 population is located on the east of Menorca. highlights its huge natural Harbour; one of the natural biggest harbours of the world, behind other huge ones like Pearl Harbour or Portsmouth. With a length of 6 kilometres becomes it an awesome refuge of the Northwind called Tramontana.

Ciutadella of Menorca

ciutadella city menorca

Located on the west side of Menorca, this touristic and historical city has also a nice harbour. It was the capital so many years ago but actually is Mahon, although Ciutadella has much population. It has amazing historical buildings like Naveta d'es Tudons and the Born statue, that refers to the Turkish attack on 1558. The festivities, Sant Joan, are very known and are attractive for thousands of miles of young people coming from outside Menorca.

Alaior, in the middle

city alaior menorca

Alaior is located just in the middle of Menorca hand has a population of 9012 people. It has several industries like the cheese ones and shoes. Also, it has the UIB, the University of Balearic Islands. A part of the town itself, it has some touristic areas on the coast like Son Bou and Cala en Porter.

Es Mercadal

city es mercadal menorca

Es Mercadal is located just over Monte Toro mountain, the highest mountain of Menorca (356 meters). It's an important touristic point, as it has an awesome view. Es Mercadal streets are narrow and have a little river that crosses the town, which made itself a picturesque place in Menorca. Just 15 kilometres from there, there is Fornells, which belongs to Es Mercadal, it has a nice port where people used to practice a lot of water sports.

Es Castell

city es castell menorca

Or also known as Villacarlos was established in 1771 by British people with the name of Georgetown. It's the town more in the east of Menorca and the first one on seeing the sunset in Spain. It has several urbanizations like Sol del Este and Cala Sant Esteve. It's highly recommended to visit the harbour Cales Fonts. All the town has a population of 7347 people.


city ferreries menorca

Just in the middle west of Menorca, there is Ferreries city. A tiny village which is located in the middle of Ciutadella and Es Mercadal. It's surrounded by small hills. It has only one urbanization which is Cala Galdana, a fully touristic place, although it's very near to awesome beaches like Cala Mitjana.

Sant Lluis

sant lluis city menorca

Sant Lluis is in the south of Mahón. It's a small city that was founded by French people in 1756. The town is highly petite, although it has famous urbanization areas in the south coast like Punta Prima, Binibeca or Binidalí.

Es Migjorn Gran

es migjorn city menorca

Es Migjorn Gran it's, without doubt, the smallest city in Menorca. It only has about 20 streets, although it will be interesting to visit because the old centre keeps the traditional styling on the buildings. Like the other cities, it also has touristic urbanization on the south coast called Sant Tomás.

Don't miss to visit any city in Menorca

All the cities in Menorca have magic things that become them unique. A lot of times, this difference is cause they were conquered by different cultures. For example, Es Castell was British and Sant Lluis was french, this made that architecturally cities are different.