port addaia menorca

A great harbour, Addaia

The port area of ​​Addaya began to be explored in the 90s, and nowadays, it is one of the best harbours in Menorca since it offers good services and is located in a privileged location.

The Port of Addaia is quiet and has many services

When you plan a trip to Menorca, you may think that it is a small island; however, it has many unknown and charming places; a clear example is the Port d'Addaia.

port addaia menorca

Addaia is a small town only 20 minutes by car from the capital, it is a picturesque place, with white villas and a small dock. This space has become quite prominent recently due to the port.

Addaia is saved from all winds

This spot, within a narrow bay formed by the Addaia Islands, makes it a very protected place from almost all winds. This is crucial if you think about mooring your boat north of Menorca. The solid north wind sometimes becomes predominant, and it is vital to have a good place that gives you shelter , like Addaya.

addaia menorca

Services in Port Addaia

As we have told you before, the port of Addaia offers many services, so you can dock with your boat.

1. Showers + washer and dryer

By enlisting at the port on VHF channel 9 and hiring a mooring, you can take advantage of the dock's multiple services, one of which is the shower. As an extra fact, there is also a washer and dryer service.

2. Bar - Restaurant

Despite being a small port, it also has a small bar - restaurant, Cantina de Addaia. It is very positive if you want to eat something after the journey. It offers good rice, meat and fresh fish of the day.

3. Nautical shop and boat maintenance

If you suffer a breakdown in your boat sailing through the north of Menorca, you must know that boat maintenance is carried out in this port. If this is your case, let them know in the VHF channel , so they will have it in mind.

4. Kayak and Paddle Surf rental

The port is embedded in a natural bay between two protected areas , the North Reserve and the Albufera des Grau.

You can take a kayak excursion to Mongofre, the beach with the most giant dunes in Menorca.

Now, if you want to go on your own and get a cheaper price , you can always rent a Paddle Surf. Of course, the journey will be shorter, but it is still worth it.

5. Diving Center

diving school addaia

If you have landed in Port d'Addaia and want to dive for the first time or rent your own diving equipment, you should know there is a diving school.

You can take a PADI course based on your experience, and get certified at the chosen level, for example, Open Water.

Addaia is a tranquil place...

Port of Addaia is a lovely atmosphere for walking with your partner or family.

If you are in Menorca, it is worth making a trip to this charming harbour.

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