snow in menorca

Snow in Menorca

Is there anything more beautiful than a snow-covered landscape? For those of us who live in places where snow is rare, it's simply magical. And Menorca, an island off the coast of Spain, is one such place.

Every winter, tourists flock to Menorca in droves, drawn by the promise of sun, sand, and sea. But what they may not know is that Menorca sometimes has snow! While it doesn't snow every year , when it does the island is transformed into a winter wonderland. Here's everything you need to know about Menorca in the snow.

When Does It Snow in Menorca?

Menorca statistically sees snowfall once every two to three years. The last time it snowed was in February 2019 , when a heavy storm blanketed the island in a thin layer of powder. However, temperatures on the island rarely dip below freezing , so even if it does snow you probably won't need to break out the heavy winter coat!

Where Does It Snow in Menorca?

While it can technically snow anywhere on the island , most of the time the snowfall is concentrated in the central area of the Island. This is because this area is at higher elevations than the rest of Menorca. So if you're hoping to see some snow while you're on holiday, make sure to head to one of the mountains of the centre.

Enjoy if it happens!

Although it is rare, a snowstorm in Menorca is definitely an event worth taking the time to experience. Make sure to enjoy the snow while it lasts because it's unlikely that we'll see another one anytime soon!