Menorca Beach Flags

In Menorca and the Balearic Islands exists different types of beach flags. By the colour of the banner, you will know what you can do in the cove and what you cannot.

The lifeguards manage the flags. If the shore doesn't have a lifeguard, you must be aware of external dangers on your own.

Green flag, secure beach

Means that there are no dangers on the sand and in the sea. The weather conditions are excellent to enjoy a summer day. Also, there aren't jellyfish.

You can find a lonely jellyfish with the green flag. If it's the case, please notify the lifeguard to he or she can switch the banner. That's important to avoid people to get stung.

Remember never to surpass the yellow buoys that limit the bathing area. If there aren't buoys, never go very far away, yachts are dangerous in the summer season.

Yellow flag, be careful!

Can be a windy day, there are medium waves, or even there is an offshore sea current. This last phenomenon used to happen a lot in Son Bou.

This flag used to fly when there are some punctual jellyfish. If this is the case, there's going to be also another white flag with a jellyfish drawn inside.

Orange flag, unknown beach status

If you find an orange flag in your favourite cove, you must also be worried. At the moment there isn't lifeguard. It used to happen early in the morning when they haven't checked the conditions yet.

Red flag, forbidden to swim

It's the worst case. Almost everybody has arrived at a beach with a red flag in Menorca. You will have to settle for staying in the sand as swimming is dangerous and you cannot do it.

If you try to swim anyway, a lifeguard will come to you to whistle and made you out the water.

It used to be stormy or very windy days with huge waves. Your integrity will be in danger if you skip the rules. Try to go to another beach with less wind or better conditions.

Always attend lifeguards

You must follow lifeguard orders. Especially if there's a red flag, there're significant dangers on the shore.

Go to them if you get bit!

Unfortunately, a lot of people is getting stung by jellyfish in Menorca. On 2020 there weren't many, but you must be careful. A pharmacy ointment will heal the bite quick. They used to have.