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Menorca: 7 incredible Lighthouse's!

When you're visiting a new place, it's always fun to check out the local lighthouses. Menorca is no exception – there are some beautiful lighthouses to see on this island! If you're looking for things to do in Menorca, make sure you add lighthouse sightseeing to your list.

If you're looking for a breathtaking sight to enjoy while on holiday in Menorca, be sure to visit one of the island's many lighthouses. From romantic spots perfect for watching the sunset over the horizon, to family-friendly destinations with incredible views, Menorca's lighthouses offer something for everyone.

So, if you're looking for an unforgettable experience during your stay on this beautiful Mediterranean island, be sure to check out one of its seven lighthouses!

3. The Favàritx Lighthouse

menorca lighthouses favaritx

Favàritx Lighthouse is an intriguing construction that sits on the northeast side of Menorca. The dark grey stones and rough terrain make for something you can imagine being found deep in the moon, or at least it gives off this vibe!

This lighthouse was built in 1868, and it's one of the best lighthouses to make pictures on the island. The contrast between its colours and the terrain makes for a great photo opportunity!

The only way to visit this lighthouse in summer is by bus from Mahón, as cars cannot access it. Alternatively, you can go from Es Grau Beach walking (1h 30').

2. Isla del Aire Lighthouse

menorca lighthouses isla del aire

There is one place you should not miss when visiting the southeast coast of the island, and it's the Illa de l'Aire Lighthouse. This remote island stands as an icon of all the Punta Prima Beach area.

This lighthouse was built in 1860 and all its surrounding waters are turquoise and plenty of fish, as it's within a Marine Reserve. Why don't you take a Paddle Surf trip to Illa de l'Aire?

1. The Cavallería Lighthouse

lighthouses in menorca cavalleria

The Cavallería Lighthouse is a must-see for any visitor to Menorca. It's more than just an iconic lighthouse; it provides some of the best views you'll ever see! (It's over a 100 meters cliff)

Was built in 1859 and was one of the most important lighthouses in the Balearic Islands. All the north coast is very rocky and dangerous for sailing, and this lighthouse helped a lot in NO-GPS times during the nights journeys.

Nowadays is one of the most popular lighthouses in Menorca and has a small bar where you can take a drink while seeing the Sunset. 

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