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King Island, in Mahón - Menorca

King Island - in Mahon's Harbour, Menorca

King Island is an island of 4 hectares which is located just in the middle of Mahon's Harbour, in Menorca. It's visible from mostly of the port. Specifically, is located between Mahón and Es Castell, on the South side of the Island. It also has springs in both North and South coasts.

Militar Hospital of King Island

During British conquest in Menorca, in the 18th century, british build the hospital, which ends being a quarantine area, taking advantage of being in an Island. For this reason, British conquerors called that island Bloody Island.

king island hospita menorca

The name of King Island, it's due in 1287, King Alfonso III expelled muslims from Menorca.

An extra information, is that this Island has human activity since lot of time, that's why there's a christian basilica of VI century.

If you go to Menorca and love History, you should visit King Island

Company YellowCatamarans organize closed packs to visit the island. That's done by yellow catamarans, that are totally visibles from the Sea Station of Mahon's Port. They offer excursions outside the harbour, but also they have some packs to visit King Island and the Hospital. If you are interested in the history of Menorca, we cannot miss that amazing trip.

They offer different kind of trips:

  • A trip arround Mahón Harbour and then visiting King Island. Departures on fridays 10:30 to 13:00. The price for adults are 20€ and 10€ for childs.
  • An express visit to the island on Sundays. The departure is at 8:45 with returnment to Mahon at 11:00. Price in this case is 10€

We highly recommend checking the availability if we are many people. Also the dates, cause in winter doesn't used to be trips.

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