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The best anchorages in Menorca

Unlike other maritime destinations, Menorca has the advantage that you will always find anchorages shelter from the wind in many places.

Wind to anchor in Menorca in summer

Generally, in Menorca, South winds are predominant during the summer, especially at the beginning.

In mid-August , some storms and storms usually arrive; starting some days with a strong north wind , you will need to find a port or a protected shore.

Generally, anchoring in Menorca does not entail any difficulty; the winds will rarely be extreme. However, always check the weather forecast to determine whether to go to the north or south coves.

There are many good anchorages spots on the island; every one has its pros and cons. We will tell you the best five anchorages in Menorca.

Which are the best anchorages in Menorca for your boat?

5. Illa d'en Colom

anchor in colom island menorca

Illa d'en Colom is one of the most sheltered places to anchor in Menorca. The island is on the north face of Menorca; the area separating both lands is exceptional for anchoring your boat since it has protection from most of the winds except for two.

What winds do not protect you here

  • The Tramontana (North) hits the channel entirely and generates medium waves. In this case, the best thing you can do is to anchor or dock inside the Bay of Es Grau.
  • Xaloc (South - East), in this case, there will be a protected part of the channel and another that is not. If you do not have space to anchor, a good option is to continue to Cala Mongofre.

There are anchorages for rent daily, but you can also anchor for free outside the area

The best area is closest to the island and has some red buoys that you can rent per day. By doing that, you will avoid being aware of your anchor and possible dragging.

Outside the area limited to mooring rentals, everything is open and free. The only limitation is not to anchor on Posidonia algae and leave a safe distance between the other anchored boats.

4. Son Saura

anchor in son saura menorca

Son Saura is another good place to anchor in Menorca that you should take into account if you are near the beaches of Ciutadella.

It is a vast anchorage and sheltered from the Northwind

The great advantage of Son Saura is, without a doubt, that it is an extensive beach; the area of sand where you can anchor your sailboat is vast and is not usually complete.

There are not much Posidonia algae , but you should always check when anchoring your boat.

3. Illa de l'Aire

anchor in illa del aire menorca

It is an excellent place to anchor on the island if the North wind blows and you are near the beaches of Mahón.

The surroundings of the Isla del Aire are completely turquoise and light blue. The depth is between 4 and 10 meters; thus, is possible to anchor in a considerable area.

The disadvantage of this anchorage is that there is much maritime traffic.

2. Port of Fornells

anchorages in fornells menorca

One of my favourites. The port and bay of Fornells are huge and protected from all winds. Unfortunately, unlike the previous ones, you will have to pay in this case.

It will make a difference if you take an auxiliary boat since the town is spectacular at sunset, and the food is lovely. In this way, you will not need to rent a mooring.

1. Cala Macarella

anchor in anchorage in macarella menorca

Undoubtedly one of the most emblematic places. Anchoring here can be quite an odyssey due to the number of boats there are in summer.

However, if you go at a good time , you will be able to have a privileged spot and undoubtedly enjoy the jewel of Menorca.

Anchor in the beach

The beach escape from all the North winds, and the closer you get to the buoys , the less exposed you will be to the waves. However, do not try to exceed them since you will risk receiving a fin.

The bottom is sandy, with depths between 4 and 12 meters.

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