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Hail surprises the hot month of August in Menorca

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Published August 18, 2022

Menorca today suffered one of the most significant hail storms in memory. In addition, many have been affected by the ice blocks falling from the island's sky.

The forecasts were good

The Dana that affects the entire Iberian Peninsula has appeared on Menorca island. The combination of the high temperature of the Mediterranean Sea with the cold drop has caused a colossal cumulonimbus that has swept the entire island.

Hail affected many locals and tourists

Many videos circulate on the networks; some of them show how the hail that has fallen is not something usual, like frozen tennis balls.

In particular, the hailstorm has mainly affected the southeast area, with urbanizations such as Cala en Porter, Binisafúller or Sant Lluis.

Many vehicle users have found broken windows and plenty of dents.

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