How is the Tourist tax in Menorca this 2019?

What is the tourist tax in Menorca?

Baleares politicians accorded in 2016 to set a tax for each person that visits Menorca. All the guests in accommodation companies like hotels, have to pay this fee in their booking as a fixed price per night.

Menorca tax is focused on the preservation of the amazing ecosystem that Menorca and Balearic Island have; with investments every year with the collection. So, please, don’t be angry with this tax, it’s a good thing for everybody.

In terms of application, all the hotels must have a daily list of their guests, with all the taxes reflected. If they don’t do that, hotels can be exposed to an administrative fine, which no one wants.

How much costs this tax?

Having all that in mind, we will see the different amounts companies can charge us, it depends totally on the kind of hotel or accommodation type. Menorca tourist tax won’t be the same if you are in a 5 stars hotel than if you stay on a cheap hostel. It’s proportional.

  • Five Stars Hotels Tax or luxury villas

  • If you stay in a luxury villa, or in a 5 stars hotel in Menorca, you will have to pay the maximum amount, which is 4€ per day. That’s the highest amount you will be charged on the island. Maybe it can seem to be excessive, but probably you have paid one hundred times more just for the booking. These kinds of hotels used to be interior hotels in Mahón or Ciutadella and in some concrete tourist areas.

  • Great Hotels, 4 stars hotels

  • That’s the most common case in Menorca. Cause there are a lot of hotels with these rating stars. Probably, they are much cheaper than the first ones, so the price per night is reduced to 3€ per night. Mostly extended in tourist urbanizations like Punta Prima, Son Bou or Cala Blanca.

  • Cheaper Hotels, 1-2-3 stars

  • These cheaper hotels, as the booking price is probably low. The price per night tax is just 2€. Like the ones above, are a great part of the accommodation options in Menorca. They used to be in most villages, and in the most touristic areas.

Another kind of accommodations

  • Airbnb Flat?

  • If you rent a touristic flat via Airbnb or another touristic rent platform, the host has to deliver also a report of the guests with the correspondent taxes charged. In that case, are also 2€ per night. This can be also extended to agrotourism hotels, and interior hotels (inside the cities).

  • Being host on a boat? What’s my tax?

  • Been accommodated in a boat with time is more and more popular. So the laws have been adapted to also can manage it. In Menorca, the price per night tax is also 2€.

  • Campings and shelters

  • If you choose a low-cost option to sleep in Menorca, you’re gonna have the lowest tax. Which is only 1€ per night. These companies, are also forced to report a guest list with the taxes charged.

All this information has been taken from Ecotasa and is purely informative. All have been written to ease information to the tourist. We are not responsible for quick changes on the tax laws, but currently, in April 2019, we have these tourist tax prices in Menorca for 2019.

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